ChurchTechCast Q and A for January 17, 2014; The Big Game, Streaming & Recording

Here are today’s questions:

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Church Service Audio Recording

Hello everyone,

I’m working on upgrading our audio recording setup and I would like to get some opinions .
This is our current setup:
Yamaha ls9 – audio box FireWire interface – hp laptop ( older model )
This was working fine but the laptop is giving us some problems very often so before buying another computer I wanted to compare more options.


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So for the last few weeks we’ve been using Hangouts on Air to stream our services live. And BOTH times, we’ve had YouTube tell us they detected copyright material.

We have a standard CCLI license AND a CCLI Streaming license. Is there a way to prevent YouTube from detecting this because we do have the appropriate license? In both instances the material in question is covered under the CCLI license.

After a few strikes against us I’m afraid they might shut our YouTube page down.

Any one with experience?

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Video Delay for Super Bowl Party?
We are considering hosting a small youth/church Super Bowl Party but we are facing the age old issue of the commercials. Obviously people want to see the commercials, as do I, but I also need to protect the students in our church. Short of blocking the commercial breaks all together… is there a device or software that could add a short delay (5-10 seconds) to either a broadcast feed (antenna/digital receiver to 4 way HDMI splitter) or a webcast (computer to 4 way HDMI splitter)? My thought is, if I have someone manning the A/V could they cut the live broadcast for the duration of the commercial before it is played on the screens a few seconds later… right?!?

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We’ve been streaming with embeded for the last few years and now our youtube account is open for streaming. Worth the switch?

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I’m not sure if anyone is using it, but just downloaded wirecast for youtube and it is not free… it used to be free.. 

We are looking for communication devices. At one of our campuses we are using a Telex system and they work great. But they cost some coin.

Is there anything out there that does the same thing for a more competitive price?

I looked at Eartec but they look… sketch.

Any insights?

Super “The Big Game” Bowl

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question about the SuperBowl and the NFL. A Church that I do some graphic design for is asking for tickets to be made and a PPT slide for announcements. I saw last year that there was some NFL unhappiness with some larger Churches using the Super Bowl name. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this or not. The Church that is doing this is selling tickets for $10 to cover the cost of food. Any info would be great so I can get the tickets done and printed.



ProPresenter Multiple Monitor Issue

I volunteer with the Baptist Student Union at Mississippi State, and I have an issue with our current configuration. We’re running ProPresenter 5 on a 2008 Mac Pro. The current output configuration is a WXGA Panasonic projector (VGA) running in a 16:9 mode, three Vizio TVs (HDMI), and a 16:10 preview monitor (DVI) for the operator.

All are running off dedicated outputs (two separate cards) from the projector. The TVs run into an HDMI switch to source either ProPresenter or a video camera and go to a splitter from there.

My main issue is that Mavericks isn’t remembering the monitor configuration at times. I’ll have to go in there and mirror the three displays, set up similar resolutions, etc.

Also, when we use the HDMI switch for the camera, OS X detects a screen change and the temporary blue screen just doesn’t look all that good….and that usually causes Mavericks to lose my monitor configuration as well.

My initial thought was just to get a 2×2 HDMI matrix switcher and replace the VGA going to the Panasonic projector with a DVI line. Are residential HDMI matrix switchers acceptable to use? This would allow the Mac never to see a monitor loss when switching between the camera and computer, right?

Are there any elegant, inexpensive ways of fixing this?

As you can probably imagine, money is pretty tight in a campus ministry. Extron or Kramer gear is probably out of my range unless I can get it used.

Production Cameras and zoom.

We’re currently running 2 cameras during our services to broadcast throughout the building and the vodcast the sermon. We do also use the video of the worship set for training and growth for the worship teams.

We’re wanting to expand to doing I-Mag. The hang up here is that one of our cameras gets all the way to 23x, but that’s only a waist up shot. The other camera is 13x and doesn’t come close.

Can I get some insight into what I need to look for in an upgrade? Obviously a higher zoom would be great, but it seems like most cameras max out around there. Am I missing something?

Any other help would be spectacular.


Proclaim and Other Presentation Software
Hi Guys! I need some advice on some presentation software.

As a little background, I am the a/v guy for our church of about 300 Sunday morning attendees. We have 1 computer that we use to project announcements, lyrics, and many other things onto a 4:3 screen. For years we used MediaShout 3.5 and thought it was great. However, our computer is getting old and we thought that while we were upgrading our computer we would upgrade our presentation software.

So, our music minister did some reason and decided to order Proclaim. I absolutely love the features that Proclaim offers such as the ability for people to “follow” the service from their phones/ipads, as well as the ability to send calendar reminders straight to people’s devices. However, I have one major problem with the Proclaim software. It is a nightmare in order to resize the lyrics. For some reason, the software only lets you resize the lyrics so far and then they won’t go any bigger (which still doesn’t seem to be big enough). The only way to get them bigger is to go through the lyrics and hit “Enter” with only two or three small words on a line in order to get them big enough so that everyone can see them. This is a nightmare when there are like 8 songs per service and I am editing 2 services. Does anyone know a way around this without having to edit the lyrics line by line?

If not, can anyone recommend a presentation software that they really love? The thing is we really love the idea of being able to push to cell phones so if there are any other software out there like that, that would be great. Also, a presentation software that wasn’t so internet dependant would also be great.


j on CMN
Hey I saw one of your podcasts on youtube and thought you’d might be able to help us if you’d have the time. Just had a few questions and would love to hear your recommendations. I’m part of a small church in Boston and are looking to start live streaming and recording our sermons but we’ve run some test runs and the lighting in the video has been poor/odd. We’re using a Canon xa10 and the angle form which we shot it has not helped but also we were thinking of ways we could improve 1) extra lighting and 2)camera/shot quality all on a small church budget. Do you think any of that is possible. I’ve taken screen shots of the test vids we’ve done in case that helps. Anyways, would love to hear your take! Blessings!

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