THFC140113 — Snap Chat is not the devil


On today’s Tech Help for Churches: Snapchat is not the devil

For some reason, Christians often see the Devil in everything, everywhere. While it might be the case that the enemy is looking to cause trouble, I don’t think he’s everywhere we fear he is.

In Wesleyan theology, the concept of God working in various places you wouldn’t expect, drawing people to Himself is called “prevenient grace.”

I think we should balance the idea that there is evil all around us with the idea that God is trying to bring it all to redemption.

The tools that people use for good may often be used for ill and vice versa. It’s not the tool’s fault.

Snapchat is a tool that kids tend to use to share funny, random pictures. Can they use it for inappropriate ones? Yes. Do all of those teens make that mistake? No.

The solution isn’t to freak out about the tool, but to educate people not to make the mistakes that make them vulnerable to regret later.

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