ChurchTechCast Q & A for January 10, 2014 — Screens, CCLI, and Web Content

Screens, CCLI, and Web Content

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Church A/V Technology – Jan 8, 2014

I know a church who is in the market for new projector screens for our sanctuary. Do any of you have a recommendation for screens in rooms with a LOT of natural light?

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One 2 Watch – H.265 Codec
Churches providing streaming content should keep an eye out for the H.265 codec. As it makes it way into the mainstream, churches stand to benefit from cost savings as this new codec provides high quality video encoding at roughly half the bandwidth. 

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Anyone know if this article is legit? [link removed to protect the guilty] —

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What do you think are the two or three most important features or types of content on a church website?

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AVCHD and Final Cut Express
I recently purchased a Sony HXR-NX5U, I used it last sunday to record the sermon at the church, when I got home I went to import it into Final Cut Express, it started extremely slow and after 4 hrs errored out, I tried to import it several other times but same result. I finally called Sony tech support last night, and found out that when using Final cut/ Final Cut express the camera audio should be recording to Dolby Digital instead of PCM. However I still need to import my video clip with the PCM audio, does anyone know of a way to do that into Final Cut Express? Or is there a way to convert the footage to a usable format?

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My first try and I broke it…seriously…
Hi all,

We are migrating to PP5 from EW. We have a pretty extensive media library with motion backgrounds, still graphics, sermon videos, countdowns, and announcement loops.

Unfortunately I decided to connect the Video library as a hot folder and the program crashed while scanning the media library. Now when it starts it looks fine for about 45 seconds then the screen turns white and says that Windows has stopped Pro Presenter.

I uninstalled the program and re installed it but the error is still there. Is there a config file buried somewhere that i can change the location of the media files and avoid this crash? Does anyone have any ideas on how to spoon feed the media library to PP5?

Thank you for your help in advance. I had wanted to be running PP5 by Feb 1st but that doesn’t seem to be feasible.

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The episode of Tech, No Babel about h.265 and VP9

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