Q and A for December 20, 2013

Here are today’s questions:

Hey everyone, we are going to be moving our confidence monitors off our stage to our balcony face (50 ft from stage). Thinking bout going with 70 inch tv’s. Any preference for LED vs Plasma for this application. We will be using ProPresentor’s stage display to do it.

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I need some diagnostics help. Just last week I discovered that two of our inputs on our ATEM video mixer by EchoLabs have gone wonky. We never really used them, but I do know they both worked perfectly.

Any input i put in to one or the other ends up coming out All of one color with only shapes and vague outlines with variations of a couple colors to tell me that what I am seeing is live and the input i’m expecting. (‘I’ll comment with a photo on sunday)

I know this isnt much to go on, but maybe you can help me out once i get a photo up tell if this switcher is dying, or if i killed it by plugging in a bad input… I’m still quite new to live video gear…

Oh. SDI input. 

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Not sure if it can be done here, just advise if not.

Can we compile a list of band/Church who produces songs that can be used in our services AND be used in online broadcast for free?

I know some will say go pay for a license, but there are lots who are just in their first steps (like our small Church) who don’t have the budget yet but already has an ministry of bringing the Word on the internet.


Those of you using Adobe Media Encoder to capture audio/video for live streaming-does anyone have audio sync issues? How do you deal with that issue? We capture SD video with a Blackmagic HD Extreme Card in a Mac Pro

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