Church Tech Cast Q & A for December 13, 2013

On today’s Church Tech Cast Q and A: HDMI, AVCHD, and Hangouts on air

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h on CMN

.MTS to .MOV
Ok, So I am working on a project. Videos were recorded on an HD cam that records on HDD. All videos were recorded on .MTS which Mac does not read. How can I convert them to .mov or .avi
I need a free and fast converter that allows the video to keep its quality. PLEASE HELP!

Small church considering converting to HDMI needs help
We are a small church using space inside a larger church. Our system is portable, except that we have a projector mounted to the ceiling. We have been using a Kramer switcher to get signal via VGA to the projector over a 75 foot cable. The two monitors are on shorter VGA cables.

We have a problem with volunteers constantly bending the pins in the VGA cable we run to the stage monitor. We keep needing to replace the cable every month or two. I do not understand why they can’t figure it out. I have shown them over and over how to connect it. It’s a lost cause. We are thinking, what if we convert the whole thing to HDMI? That should solve that problem, but then I’m reading that a 75 foot HDMI cable might not be a good idea. If we’re using a Kramer switch/ Distribution Amplifier I’d that going to be enough to get the signal over 75 feet? We were also looking at wireless projectors but another thread said that wouldn’t be good. ThereS also the possibility of using an Apple TV, but I would prefer a cable instead of wireless. Any suggestions?

Added: is it possible to still use the old projector to project on the back wall? It does not have an HDMI port.


Using Security camera system for streaming
Hi everyone, i’m glad to have found this community and will contribute any way I can!

I do have a question for the time being.

We have just started doing live streaming of our services and we’re thinking of possibilities for expansion of low cost.
We were thinking of buying one of those security camera kits you can get at costco with several cams and the console to use to feed our video stream. We are currently using just a camcorder plugged in USB and our sound mixer for the audio.
Does anyone know if these systems provide the connectivity we would need to be able to sent a video stream from that controller box to the PC and then out to our streaming service?

Thanks for any help you can provide with this!


Looking for 30 or 60 Second Commercial
We are looking for 30 or 60 second evangelical commercials that we can air in Connecticut on broadcast television. Any thought?

RG ChurchTech on g+
Hey guys, been out of the multimedia game for a while (back in my day, there was ONLY A/B roll edit) and I’m setting up a new video production system for my church.

I’d like to be able to record from multiple video sources or at least be able to dissolve between them live-production style since we will be streaming live events. Events will be standard services or workshops, but I would like to mix in character generation of speaker names, scripture references, discussion points and any personal slide the speaker has brought.

I’ve built MANY high-end gaming computers, but this will be the first time I’m building a system for live video broadcast. We have VERY poor outgoing bandwidth, but I’m promised that we will soon have the highest speed possible for our area.


1. What hardware/software solutions would you recommend for getting video sources into the machine?

2. We will also be projecting HDMI though two projectors plus I prefer two work station monitors. What kind of graphics card(s) would you recommend?

3. Is there anything I should keep in mind when building this system that I did not cover here?

JT in ChurchTech on g+ (in response to a post about our video room and growth)
+Paul Alan Clifford How have you guys expereinced such tremendous growth? Word of mouth, personal evangelism, community outreach or killer A/V?

DM in ChurchTech on g+
could you give us a run-through of positions in this room and their jobs? love it btw.

Dennis Warner asked:
How do you stream a G+ hangout ( for live feed of service) ?

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