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On today’s Tech Help for Churches: Trending Topics

On twitter (and some other social networks), there’s a list of things that are popular right now. You can use those topics as ways to get your message out to people who wouldn’t otherwise see it.

How would you do that? You could just hi-jack it and ignore the topic, using the hashtag as a carrier, or make some tenuous connection, but the best way is to really connect with the tag and use it as intended, but slightly spun toward your message.

There’s another similar trick. Have you ever noticed that major magazines and newspapers ignore Jesus all year long, but at Christmas and Easter run stories about Him (for good or ill)? They’re just capitalizing on what people are already talking about. You could do something similar and start writing, blogging, speaking, etc. about things that are in the news so that when people search for a topic, they also find your message.

Remember to make it relevant, unless there’s something really horrible going on that needs to be hi-jacked (like talk of a certain “church” that protests funerals; I’d love to take over all their news and replace it with the true “Good News” about God wanting to forgive.

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