Q & A for November 29, 2013

Here are today’s questions:

JS from CTL
Currently the church I work at does not have it’s weekly sermons on iTunes or other podcasting sites. I’m interested in doing that, and I know I’ve seen a few strings on here about how to go about it technically, however I have a few other questions.

1. Does anyone have stats on the # of weekly downloads you have?
2. What percentage of subscribers do you have compared to regular attendees?
3. What are some ways to sell this idea to leadership besides, “Everyone else is doing it?”

My hope is to do this and I realize there is a cost which I’m fine pitching and trying to sell, however if anyone has any thoughts on how to not reinvent the wheel please let me know.

EH from CTL

We are JUST starting out, are on a budget and are working with all volunteers and we are not very expereinced — there I said it! We will be using PowerPoint as our presentation software to a single, center screen in small (about 40 wide and 75 long) chapel presenting lyrics, scripture, announcements, etc. We do not have any video feeds coming from a camera like many churches so our background on the slide will be it.

For our Christmas pageant and Christmas program, we have two schools of thought related to the slide backgrounds (themes) we will use. One group says select a background for a segment that best supports the subject. As an example, for Jingle Bells it would be a white snow scene with a slay and Santa for all the slides containing the words. It would then change to a darker, stable background when we sing Away in a Manger. They feel this support each song better.

The other group says we should select one or two more general backgrounds such as a sky with clouds or a cross and then insert appropriate images on some slides along with the words. (In all cases the thinking is to have only a few lines of text on each slide.) They think the major change in backgrounds from the first group will look choppy and will cause you to be thinking about the next background coming and not the meaning.

We will begin a contemporary worship service early next year and will likely face the same difference of opinion.

Everyone agrees that without video of the performers or the pastor being projected, our backgrounds will be very, very important to our service.

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas or suggestions. Always enjoy reading and learning from the group.

NG from CIB on g+

My question is on adding a page to my Christian website. I am trying to add a resource page to the website that would allow users to look up whole bible chapters without leaving the page. I was thinking of adding three tools, like biblegateway and a couple others. I need some really good explaining. Not the sharpest tool 🙂

Also I don’t know if it is because it is a Christian website and it has so much competition, but still getting little if any traffic from searches. it is almost non existent. I pretty much get traffic mainly only when I share to facebook and google.

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