Q and A show for November 22, 2013 Here are this week’s questions (links below questions):

CIB group

I was sent a message from Google+ to get my custom URL so of course I wanted it. I chose to use it since it had my name but then found out that it was applied to my Page that has no connections rather than my profile that does.

Does anyone know of a way to request a change or am I locked in?

CIB group

I have a silly question about Google+ and I hope I’m asking this in the right part of the community but what is the difference between “Added you back” and Added you to a circle”? I get notifications that people have added me back but then I also get notifications that say so and so added you to a circle. I’m thinking that added back means I circled them then they circled me and an “added to circle” is someone I don’t have in my circles yet. I’m still trying to figure this whole Google+ thing out. LOL

CIB Group

I know a lot of you here work in Internet technology – web development, SEO, marketing, etc. I’m curious, if you are an affiliate of a web hosting company, which one and why? Which of the following are significant factors in your choice to recommend that particular web host?

– Share your faith/values
– Quality of the service and support they provide
– Size/percentage of the affiliate payout
– Low prices
– Something else? 

TS on ChurchTech group
Hello Friends,

So, I am investigating going paperless for our worship team. Looking at the best options for tablets (we’ll need to start with six), stands, etc. I will probably be using Music Stand by Planning Center. Was thinking I would probably get one tablet that is more powerful for the worship leader and the others simpler because they just need to run Music Stand.

I know iPad seems to be the preference, but then there is the cost. Anyone have strong, informed, practical opinions about why one is better than the other?


Hey guys,

In the market to purchase a DSLR for the church to shoot all our ministry highlights, testimonies, special videos, etc. with. I would like to spend around $1000 for the body and a 35mm lens. Most likely I’ll purchase used.

What would you guys recommend?

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