ChurchTechCast Q and A for November 15, 2013

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SP on ctl wrote:
We are looking to rebuild our video transmission system carrying live video from our auditorium to our Chapel.

Currently we have a standard definition projector in our Chapel feeding off a composite video signal delivered over Cat5 wire. We were initially looking at running an SDI line, but we are now wondering if we could sufficiently deliver the video over a Cat5 or Cat6 line at a much lower cost. The projector does have a DVI input, but it only accepts the RGB colorspace. The distance is around 360ft (probably under), I believe.

Any suggestions?

JD on g+:
General Discussion – Yesterday 11:33 AM

Been doing some research today on how Christian Ministries can effectively use video sites such as Vine, Flickr, Instagram etc. to share the gospel. According to statistics, 91% of social media users post “selfies”, and most platforms consist of funny cat pics. We live in a very visual, short-attention span world, but are still asked to preach the Word (I enjoy preaching more than anything).

I remember one time reading through the Sermon on the Mount in real time, and timing it to around 11 minutes. I wonder if evangelism begins here, with more in-depth teaching happening later for those who wish to find out more? Any thoughts?

CN on g+:

Anybody have any thoughts on how to insert some sort of widget that shows upcoming church events? Ideally it would be something that our preteen leader could update easily and the changes would correlate to the widget I’ve put onto her web page. I’m not that skilled in anything other that a bit of HTML and CSS, but I’m all ears!

SR on g+

Pro Presenter, any competing products ? Thx

TA on g+:

So, I was installing a new sound system this week and ran across this homemade “shielding” and had to snap a picture because I actually have idea if this would really work.

+Paul Alan Clifford, thoughts?

JL on youtube
Great thoughts Paul. What, in your opinion, is the most cost-effective/time efficient method for stock-audio versus originally created audio for use in church video production?

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