TNB131107 — DIY or Paid Stock Photography?

On today’s Tech, No Babel: DIY or Paid Stock Photography?

You’re working on a project and you realize you need a photo. Do you take it yourself or do you buy it? Here are some guidelines I’d follow to see which is the better choice.

1. Who is more likely to have the photo you want? If it’s a local photo or a photo of people you know, then by all means do it yourself. If it’s a photo from somewhere distant, buying it will be much cheaper.

2. Consider if you can do it. Do you have the equipment, the time, and the expertise?

3. Consider the cost. If you buy it, there’s the money, but also the fact that you might have to settle for something that isn’t quite right. If you DIY, your time, maybe the quality, and maybe the money are possible costs.

Sites I looked at:

Next time, free stock photo sites.

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