ChurchTechCast Q & A for November 1, 2013

Here are this week’s questions (and links):

CN in Church Tech group on G+

Hey all, had a question about the new Mac Pro coming out in December. Apple has the option for the system disk (a PCIe flash-based disk) in capacities of 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB. I’m thinking about using the fast PCIe storage as a scratch disk. However, in an older set up with spinning HDD, you wouldn’t want your NLE rendering/outputting to your system disk because it is having to read and write to itself. Would this new PCIe storage have the same bottleneck if I used it as a scratch disk?

MR in Church Tech group on G+

I’ve had a reasonable level of experience with creative church video over the past few years in both large and small churches. Much of my experience, however, was on Mini-dv style camcorders and like equipment. Recently, I started a new role as one of the pastors at a small church with a limited amount of time and budget I can put towards video. However, we do have a nice Canon T4i, and I’ve enjoyed shooting with that. However, I need tips for audio recording. I’ve looked a little at track recorders, but what might you suggest to someone in my situation. I’d love something affordable and simple, that I might also be able to quickly use with an iPhone for recording impromptu testimonies/church happenings. Editing on a Mac with FCX.

PM in Church Tech group on G+

I’m looking for an affordable software/hardware solution to capture and DVR an RTMP audio/video stream for time-shifted playback. A simple TiVo could work as the DVR, but I’m stuck at how to capture the IP stream and get it into the TiVo? Thanks in advance for any ideas!

JB on YouTube
Comment on your video: Clearing your “to do someday” list
What if you’re trying to make time for it on your calendar, but can’t find space for it? What’s your suggestion?

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