Church Tech Cast Q and A for October 11, 2013

Here are this week’s questions:

from AH

Hi all…

Anyone got any iDeas re Free Logo Design software…? as I am looking to see whats available in the Cloud and yes for FREE 🙂
its for a growing Design StartUp group!

In reaction to the video tour of my home studio (…

From SC

Love it! I’m struggling with a little tech envy right now… 🙂 Really creative use of space. (Chuckle, yes, I did wonder about the plungers and then you explained it.) I’m not nearly as versed in audio or video, but am working on learning. I like the idea of a mobile web cam. I’ve only seen the kind that clips to your monitor. Would you mind sharing what you use?

Love the gospel in the picture too! I’ve not seen anything like that. 

from JW

You show off! haha this is so cool +Paul Clifford love the Star Wars vintage, serious rack of tech (I’m with +Stephanie Calahan on the envy issue) Is that a toaster Hard drive (neostar desk dock)? how does it work? You went to seminary? I didn’t know that about you. Thanks for sharing.

No home videographer is complete without the hanging sheet 😉 You can see in the HOA with Stephanie and DC that I had a curtain also. Nobody got to see behind the curtain. 

thoughts +Paul Clifford about how best to record the HOA for podcasts also. kill two birds at once?

from IN

We currently have ProPresenter4 in our 2009 Apple iMac. We are experiencing a 10-15 frame sync lag when running video clips, a
especially long video clips. There are moments when it catches up, but then lags again. The Activity Monitor shows good performance, and that ProPres is keeping up, and not using a whole lot of RAM. Aside from upgrading to 5, any suggestions?

from ES
Paul, I was wondering if you had any recommendations on a CD changer to use during worship and praise. We’re not quite ready to go to digital music, and the one we’re using is about to give up the ghost on us. Ideally, I’d love to find one I program a pause into if such a thing were possible — ie; CD1 T2, pause until I press play, then CD2 T4, CD3 T1, etc.

Links (affiliate):
IPEVO webcam, but I think I’d recommend the newer version, which is HD.

10′ x 20′ muslin background, but they come in chromakey colors, white, black, grey, and random mottled colors (and in smaller sizes too).

Here’s the link to the external HD “toaster” enclosure
Sony CDP-CE500 Compact Disc Player

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