ChurchTechCast Q & A for September 13, 2013

Here are this week’s questions:
LG on Church Tech on g+

Hey techies/brothers , I’m converting a room down the hall from our sanctuary into a meet and greet /cry room, and I’d like your ideas on live streaming our church service to it. I have a new HD TV on the wall, and in the nursery down the hall.

What is the most economical yet best way to do this? We’ve just upgraded our cable Internet to 50mb up 10mb down, so it should be sufficient. Thanks ahead of time!

Dan on
HI, I was wondering if you could help us out. We have a Mitsubishi XL30U we bought in 2003 when we built our church. We have been buying aftermarket bulbs for it and I suggested we bite the bullet and buy an oem bulb this time to see if it would be better. Someone suggested that we buy a newer projector that uses cheaper bulbs. since the xl30u was such a high end projector at the time, do you know how much we would have to spend in order to purchase a new projector that would be as good or better than the xl30u? Thank you in advance for your help.

Jenny on FaceBook:
Asked about a bluray player, especially one with wifi for online media playback.

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