ChurchTechCast Q & A for August 30, 2013

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EW Church A/V Technology on g+
Our church has just purchased an HD Camcorder. We are having a centennial weekend soon and are anticipating a larger than normal group. The pastor wants to set up a video projector and screen in a hall across the lawn for the overflow crowd to be able to see and hear the proceedings in the sanctuary. What kind of equipment would I use to transmit the audio and video to a projector and speakers in a hall that’s maybe 100 feet away?

Thanks for any help!

Hello Friends!

I’m working on a highlight video that is recaping the three summer camps our youth and children went to this summer. I want to use a 10 to 20 second sound clip from a song by Rush of Fools. I’ve heard before that you can use very small sound bites from songs legally without haveing to get a sync license. Is this true? If I’m not planning on posting this online would it be acceptable to use a small audio clip from a track of music?
Trying to get some clarity on the matter!

Thanks for your wonderful help everyone.

SC (on twitter)
thanks for the follow! I’m very interested in using twitter to live cast church service so I would love to chat some about it!

AM on church tech on g+
Replacing the church website and need a strong CMS. Considering a hosted version of WordPress.

Know of a company to put it all together, create image assets, etc?

T.J.H on ChurchTech on g+
Do any if you have a lot if senior members in your church? What kind of things do you to to stay current to attract new members while keeping the senior members comfortable?

Hey guys,
I have transitioned my church over to ProPresenter 5 from Song Show. We are liking it so far, but have had a few issues with stability and things not importing quit right. We are currently running it on a Windows 7 machine. Our secretary that builds everything for the Sunday presentations also has a windows 7 machine and has been building everything on her computer then exporting it and importing it to the presentation computer. Is there any reason I should not upgrade to an iMac in the booth? What extra equipment would I need if any? I use macs for my personal computers so there is no learning curve there. Also, the current presentation computer would make a great upgrade for one of our other secretaries. Hope that makes sense. Looking forward to your input!

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