ChurchTechCast Q & A for August 23, 2013

Here are this week’s questions:

BF on G+
Looking for help with recording google hangouts… I know you can record for youtube, but is there a way to record so that the video can be edited and then uploaded and used as a promotional tool?

JL on Church Tech on g+
I’m thinking about starting a google+ presence for our student ministry. Should I make a page or a community? Thanks in advance.

SM on Church Tech on g+
Does anyone have a recommendation on a good mobile hot spot to purchase? We want to buy one to use in creating a backup plan. I’d like to have one that would power up to 10 devices, but realistically we would need it to power at least 4 efficiently at any given time.

RM on CTL:
I know this topic has been posted so many times in so many ways, but, I still can’t wrap my mind around how to do it. We have a venue service. In the past we have taken our Saturday night service edited it over night, and gave them a final product to play in the morning. We now are looking into doing a live steam with the ability to “pause” the stream at the right place, then the venue (which is across the street.) can hit “Play”.
We have a switcher that has an Sdi output. Lets assume I have nothing else. How do i do it?

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