ChurchTechCast Q and A for August 16, 2013

Here are today’s questions:
DM on CTL:
I am about to start a project that will involve quite a bit of interview-style videos. I am wondering what you all recommend in terms of lav vs. shotgun. I have used a shotgun (both mounted on the camera as well as on a boom pole) but I have never used a wireless lav before. I am about to make the purchase of either a wireless system or a quality boom. What have you found to give the best sound?

LA on g+
Here’s a question for the community, I was going to send it to one of the podcasts about podcasting, but decided to post it here instead:

I started as a blogger, and then started the podcast later. Being that I’m based somewhat local to most of my readers, I get to see and speak with them in person fairly often.

I’m constantly asking them if they listen to the podcast, and I get answers like “I can’t sit in front of the computer that long” or they don’t know how to subscribe, etc.

So, as a podcaster/blogger, how do you educate your audience about that a podcast is, and the different ways that they can consume it?

DC CIB on g+:
Today I was asked to buy a web ad on a Christian business directory for $600/year.

I asked if they would provide me a Google Analytics report dated within the past week, that covered the last 12 months. They did, and to their credit, did so quickly, albeit during our call. This is what I was told by phone:

Bounce Rate over 50%
Avg. Time On Site was less than 3 min.
The Home page bled the most visitors

Does that sound like a $50/mo. investment to you?! Me neither.

To their credit, if they wanted to lie about their stats, they could have given me much better stats, so I’m prone to believe them based on the numbers above.

Question: Do you advertise in a Christian business directory, and if so, how does it perform for you? What kind of ROI have you seen?

DW on g+:
Well I was just asked to write a mission statement and a vision statement for our churches tech/media depart that I’m trying to get up and running. Ive done this stuff before for youth ministry but for tech is so hard. The letter has to be done by tomorrow at 6pm lol. Can you all be praying for me because I have nothing as of right now. Thank you.

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