Q and A for August 9, 2013

Here are the latest questions:
KMR on twitter asked me:
what service to schedule a recorded video to start so people can chat around it? (i.e. schedule sermon recording w/ live chat)

BH g+:
Have any of you used Clover Sites or any other company to create a website for your church? We are looking for something that is nice to look at but easy to update.

An alternative to Ustream???
We are using the service Ustream right now for an online campus. This past weekend we had lots of problems with our onlne stream. After doing some checking we feel that it was Ustream and we are now entertaining new services that can do the same thing.

GE on g+:
Hi, I know I not very active around here. I could use some expertise I’ve been give the duty if revamping our Church website. Our Host is and it uses a WordPress platform.

I have found various upgraded themes that are customize-able. And we are wanting to add an audio sermon library.

Anyone ever did this before? Is there better ways?


Links mentioned:
Free webhosting for non-profits
Chat and online campus platform that I couldn’t remember the name of
Steaming services:

Easy web hosting

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