Q and A for August 2, 2013

For some reason, the video lost sync. I’ll try and fix it later, but since I”m going out of town soon, here’s the raw version.

This week’s questions:
Have you talked about website backgrounds yet?

BB (on Church Technical Leaders)
[W]hy would our leaders want to take space away from our current building and dedicate it for a control room? What would be in it for our leaders to do this? I know that we would be able to stand and better communicate with each other but is this the only reason?

PO on CIB on G+

Do I need to pay for this?

I have spent way too much time tonight dealing with this small issue. As some of you know, I am trying to learn WP from a WYSIWYG editor when doing my “New” Website.

All I want to do is embed a HTML code – I don’t see it anywhere, Do I need to upgrade to premium to do this?

JB on Church Tech g+
Isn’t the term “podcast” a bit dated and misleading? It’s not as of you’re only making the sermons available to iPod users. 

AS on Church Tech on g+

Looking for a HD Video camera that is in the $500 – 1000 range that would be good for motion shots, roving footage. Also that has external mic input and hopefully good zoom. thoughts?

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