Q and A for July 26, 2013

This week’s questions:

MW G+:
When is the best time to evaluate your service, and how often? What is your current method?

John Wood G+:
Those of you that put sermons online, do you have any kind of prefix or suffix on the audio? Copyright info, etc? Just wondering what is typical.

HH on G+:
Where are you storing message audio/video files? Over time it’s possible to start running into some high storage costs. You can upload messages to a service like SoundCloud, but then you don’t have any control over the data. Thoughts?

JP G+:
Podcasters – If you didn’t hear today’s Google announcement, you might want to catch up on what ChromeCast is. Because it is going to change the way people consume your shows.

AO on G+:
I was just wondering what everyone is using as an alternative to Google Reader?

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