tnb130711 — Using a DSLR as a Live Cam

On today’s Tech, No Babel: Turning a DSLR into a Live Cam.

What if you need another camera, but don’t have the money to do so? With a few changes, you can take a DSLR and use it live. There are limitations, but we’ll talk about what I’ve done in preparation for using mine instead of a webcam.

Products mentioned in today’s show (affiliate links):
Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter
Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini HDMI to Thunderbolt
Canon T3i DSLR
Canon Mini USB to RCA Male for Audio and Video Cable (I’m sure there’s a cheaper one out there, so keep your eyes open for it).
HDMI to HDMI Mini cable
Power Adapter Supply Kit For Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Cameras
Magic Lantern Firmware (to remove overlays on the screen)

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