Q and A for July 5, 2013

Here are the latest questions:

NS (from Facebook):
hay Paul i have a question for you. My pastor is interested in doing some live streaming like you do for some upcoming lectures. i was wondering what all is involved in getting something like that together.i know I’ve been a bit vague but any insight you can pass on would be appreciated.

DM (on G+):
Any tips on how to link or set up RSS feeds for podcasts to use in a podcast app.
I know I can upload to iTunes from Garage Band easily. 

I have a question, I am trying to run audio out of my ls9 into my tri caster. Why I do this I get a buzz.

Links mentioned in today’s show:

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Church Tech Lessons: 5 Things New Podcasters Need to Know/
Summer of Giveaways for July
Get Podcasting Church free!

Let me know if you have tech or creativity questions for next week’s show in the comments below.


  1. up the creek without a paddle is exactly what will happen! hehehe

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