Numerical Goals Update for July 1, 2013

If you’re a numbers person, this is the post for you, If not, there will be others coming soon. 😉

  • 200 youtube subscribers (51 as of 4/8); 105 as of 7/1 (+42 over the last month)
  • 20,000 twitter followers (12,656 as of 4/8); 14,203 as of 7/1 (+717 from last month)
  • 1,000 newsletter subscribers (627 as of 4/8); 862 as of 7/1 (+66 over last month)
  • Circled by 2,000 on Google plus (529 as of 4/8); 974 as of 7/1 (+121 over last month)
  • 650 followers on Pinterest (169 as of 4/8); 201 as of 7/1 (+12 over last month)
  • 2,000 monthly unique visitors to (448 as of 4/8); 1,017 uniques as of 7/1 (+321 over last month)
  • 100 likes for the TDM facebook page (18 as of 4/8); 101 as of 7/1 (+39 over last month)
  • FIRST GOAL MET!!!! That was a total increase of 83 likes in just under 3 months. I thought it was ambitious to go from 18 to 100, but it happened and I’m so happy! Thanks for all your help. Some of the others are still far away, but we’ve still got 183 days, so it’s still very doable.

This month, it’s great news across the board. All the numbers are up, but some are really up. My increase in Pinterest followers and Newsletter subscribers was exactly the same in May as in June. I’m on track to hit my newsletter goal, but for Pinterest followers I’ll only be at about 1/2 my goal at this pace, so I need to spend more time there.

For YouTube subscribers (+10 in May vs. +42 for June), I’m up sharply, over 4 times. On average, I need about 16 per month to hit this goal before the end of 2013.

I had almost 4x (+10 in May vs. +39 in June) as many FaceBook likes this month as last, so that’s why I hit the goal. I’ll ease off the gas a bit there to concentrate on Pinterest and others.

Twitter followers rose sharply too. My change in May was an actual loss (-137) Which is quite different from my increase in June (+717). I’m actually a little low from where I need to me. I need an average of 33 new followers everyday for the rest of the year, so I can’t be rest on that one.

While I’m up on Google+ (+54 vs. +121), that’s not enough to make my goal for 2013, so I need to bump up my efforts there to about 171 new people each month (on average).

Great news here, though. For June was up a lot from May to June (+28 vs. +321). At that pace, I’ll hit my goal this year, maybe in the next couple of months.

So what did I do?
First, I continued doing what had worked in the past and it’s continuing to work today, but that wasn’t all. I had a contest (winners will be announced in another post). I did an interview and had a little “good press.” I’ll take it all.

I also asked. I asked a bunch of people to like my FaceBook page and subscribe to me on YouTube. Whenever I asked, people helped me out.

Key idea: If you ask nicely, a lot of times people will help you out, especially if it’s free.

I also upped my content output. Part of this is just repurposing stuff from one place to other places, but there was extra work. I think the results show that it’s worth it.

You’re more than a number to me.
I want to be clear after all this talk of numbers. The reason I measure these goals is to know if I’m doing things right in order to reach out to more people or not. I may not know all your names, but I know some and want to know more, so if I ask a question, know that it’s because I want to know the answer.

I really do believe that we can change eternity, so keep believing it too. Get a picture of the “longshot” in your circle of friends and family, the person who you wish would come to know Jesus, but it seems doubtful. That’s person (for me it’s my father-in-law by the way) should motivate what you’re doing. I’ve seen a lot of “longshots” come to know Jesus in the last decade or so. That’s why I’m continuing to share everything I can think of to share. I want people to have better lives and redeemed eternities. Thanks for listening, reading, watching, and learning.

It’s worth it to get a chance at helping just one person, but what if God’s dreams are bigger than one?

I really pray that what I’m doing helps you. Let me know more ways that I can help, too by the way.

The Sticking Point
What I’m about to say is hard for me, so that’s why I put it at the end, in case you didn’t stick with me so far. This little venture isn’t self-supportive yet. Keep that in your prayers. I’ve cut all I can, but it’s still tight. Total operating expenses for this thing are around $3,000 a month (I’ll talk more about that later), but I’m bringing in around $300 and that’s mostly not in doing what I feel called to. I make most of it donating plasma and other little bits here and there. The ads you see on the site today are affiliate links that aren’t paying much. My wife has been very patient, but I pray that we’re near a tipping point where these numbers translate into income.

Thanks for reading the whole thing.
I know it was long. I’m humbled you read it. I believe that you can do it. You can join me in changing eternities.

Love you all,


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