Q & A 130628

Recorded live on Friday June 28, 2013 at 2:00 pm eastern on

This week’s questions:

Pastor AT on g+ “Hey guys, a rural church close to us is thinking about doing a multisite. What are some of the basic hardware/software that they’ll need?
Thanks :)”

CS asked in the live chat for Tech Help for Churches “what are some tips for training my camera guys”?

PC on g+ asks “Our church is growing and hiring some more staff and the need for a shared network drive to house up to date documents is more pressing. I’m pushing for a cloud-based solution to better accommodate working remotely (which most of us do) rather than a VPN or something. Do you recommend Dropbox or Google Drive to get this done? ”

In response to me answering what I do, GM on twitter asks ” At what church are you live streaming of, or are you doing it from somewhere else?”

On G+ CG asks, “With all the hullabaloo going around about overcoming fears so we can do something remarkable, I found this article to be a breath of fresh air… fear is not the issue, mediocrity is! I’d love to hear your thoughts…” Then he links to a post that says courage is useless and hard work is the answer.

MW on g+ asks “How do you manage volunteers? Does your church funnel your monthly “pick list” to you, or do you recruit your own help? What size is your tech team? What size is your church?”

JS on G+ asks “Has anyone had any experience working with live status boards at all? Maybe this is a dedicated display from your desktop like the image below or maybe it is from a mobile device.”

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