ChurchTechCast Q and A for June 21, 2013

Recorded live on Friday June 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm eastern on

This week’s questions:

From Paul:
Have you ever used the Hauppauge PVR2 for streaming? What was your experience?

Other questions:
GM asks, “What do you do for life, are you a book writer?”

CK asks, “If I have the CCLI license to stream worship can I use my YouTube for non-profits without having the copyright notices all the time?”

CK clarified “From YouTube…actually I just realized that it identified a small portion of our preservice music…easy fix I think.

DH on g+ “OK, I’ve just been told we have ____ visiting next month. We have church members working as staff aboard the ______ ship so we want to do a live Skype call from us, to them on the ship.

“Do any of you have experience in interfacing Skype with the sound desk etc.? We have a VGA feed from the pulpit and could patch the audio-out from a laptop into the sound system – but will Skype handle the inevitable feedback/echo issues that could arise? Have any of you been able to do this successfully?”

MV on g+ “I’ve been configuring Google Analytics for a new site I am hoping to launch soon. Anyone have good goal ideas for small church who does not request donations online or have an email newsletter?”

EU on g+ “What software/hardware mic combo do you suggest in order to record sermons at church? Ideally I think a wireless mic which you could strap to the speaker & record his sermon, and which can then be easily upload to our website.”

EU on g+ also asked “When designing a website, we should focus on our end user. With this in mind, what tips can you give to structure the menu so that it meets both the occasional visitor as well as the needs of existing members.”

KB writes: “I know I need different ones, but cost is the problem. The ones I have found are expensive. It is hard to get free ones that coincide with the theme.”

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Zoom H4n
Hauppauge PVR2
Canon T3i (my good camera)

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