ChurchTechCast is on

When you’re just starting out (although I’m 2 1/2 years into this, it’s all still new) like I am, every penny counts. I’m not yet to the point where I can draw a salary, so I don’t have any extra to spend on things that would make life easier, so I just plod on. (I’m being a little facetious here b/c I love what I do so much.)

Occasionally, I get a little break that helps take things to the next level. Such is the case today., the netcasting arm of (ok, so right now it’s just a domain redirected to the live page on this site, but I’ve got plans for the future) has a year-long advertisement on Go ahead and check it out. Very fun.

Thanks again to our friends at for setting it all up. It sure feels good to have someone outside my family believe in what I’m doing in a monetary way. 😉


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