Announcing the schedule

I’ve told you that I wanted to create a streaming network to help churches learn how to use technology to affect lives and eternities. Last week I did some testing and was very pleased with the results, so now, I’m pleased to announce the network here at

Here’s the schedule for the shows I’ll be doing most weeks:

  • 11 am Eastern (8 am Pacific, 3 pm UTC): Podcast recording: Tech Help for Churches (web and internet technology)
  • Tuesdays

  • 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific, 6 pm UTC): Video teaching recording: Creating Church (creativity and art)
  • Wednesdays

  • 11 am Eastern (8 am Pacific, 3 pm UTC): YouTube Video series: Eternity Changers (chasing your dreams)
  • Thursdays

  • 11 am Eastern (8 am Pacific, 3 pm UTC): Podcast recording: Tech, No Babel (video and graphic design)
  • Fridays

  • 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific, 6 pm UTC): Live only: Tech & Creativity Questions & Answers or Video Tutorials

I hope one of those shows helps your church or ministry. They’ll be streamed live thanks to my partnership with

I believe that this means I have the world’s first church tech streaming network. Please let me know of any others because I’d love to ask question, but right now the closest thing to what I’m doing is the network.

The only think I don’t know is how to support it all. My three choices are: donations, advertising, or memberships. I’m leaning toward advertising, but I could absolutely do a hybrid model as well. I don’t like the idea of being subject to what advertisers I could get because, at least at the beginning, I might have trouble getting anything other than those “belly fat” ads and I would prefer only to have advertisers who would be beneficial to you, the audience. Oh well, more details to figure out.

Let me know your preference on how to support this thing and any show ideas you have.


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