2013 Numerical Goals — May Update

My goals, original numbers as of April 8th, and today’s numbers:

  • 200 youtube subscribers (51 as of 4/8); 53 today (+2 about a 4% increase)
  • 20,000 twitter followers (12,656 as of 4/8); 13,623 today (+967 about a 7% increase)
  • 1,000 newsletter subscribers (627 as of 4/8); 730 today (+103 about a 16% increase)
  • 100 likes for the TDM facebook page (18 as of 4/8); 51 today (+33 about a 183% increase)
  • Circled by 2,000 on Google plus (529 as of 4/8); 583 today (+54 about a 10% increase)
  • 650 followers on Pinterest (169 as of 4/8); 178 today (+9 about a 5% increase)
  • 2,000 monthly unique visitors to TrinityDigitalMedia.com (448 as of 4/8); 668 today (+220 about a 48% increase)

So what did I do?

For YouTube and Pinterest, not much.

On Google+ and Twitter, I followed people and they followed me back.

For my newsletter, I send out a DM offering people a copy of Podcasting Church for following me (you can get the same offer below or to the right).

For my FaceBook page, I just asked friends to like the page. I have 730 friends on my personal account, so some of them are bound to like my page if I ask, right? Yep.

For web traffic, I frankly didn’t have any idea how I was going to hit 1000 uniques. Here’s what I’ve been doing, though. Podcasting and live streaming. That’s really it. No special SEO strategy, no advertising, I don’t think I’ve even written any guest posts. Most of the bump has been this week, so I hope it continues.


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