How can I help you

photo credit: Cast a Line via photopin cc

photo credit: Cast a Line via photopin cc

There’s a reason that this page exists. You may not know that I’ve been where you are. No all of you, but most.

Statistics tell us that the vast majority of churches are small congregations, less than 200.

When I first started doing church tech in 2000, that’s the kind of church I went to.

In a short time, there was in-fighting that eventually caused a large number of us to leave. It wasn’t long after that time that I started going to my current church.

You might be thinking, “Paul, you go to a mega church. You don’t understand what I’m going through.”

That’s true. Last Easter my church had her first 10,000+ weekend. Except, when I started going there in December of 2000, we had a little over 100.

If your church fits between 100 and 10,000 I’ve been there. I’ve gone through a lot of what you are going through.

My pastor has asked me to help upgrade our technology and told me a number that was too small to do it.

I’ve been up on a lift late on Saturday night making the “it’s not designed to, but it will work” solution do what I needed it to.

I’ve said good night to the pastor (who himself works late into the night) as I continued editing the video for the next day.

I’ve driven extra miles to make sure that the piece we needed got to church in time.

I’ve been there.

Since you’re there now, let me help you. That’s what I can do that a lot of others can’t. I can provide experience from your perspective. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who has been where you’re almost ready to be? Let’s talk.


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