What’s in my pocket and what it says about me…

My iPhone 3Gs, two Pilot G-2 pens, a Gerber multi-tool, my gaffetape wallet, iPhone headphones, keys, and a pony-tail holder

Over at Tested, they have Adam Savage’s (of the Mythbusters fame) everyday carry (EDC). This is all the stuff he carries with him on a daily basis.

When I saw the article about this on Lifehacker, I thought, “Self,” because I was thinking to myself, “Self, you should take a picture of what you have.”

As I was doing it, I thought, “This really says some stuff about me.” I thought I’d share that with you all.

First, what I carry:

  • iPhone 3Gs
  • two Pilot G-2 pens
  • a Gerber multi-tool
  • gaffe tape wallet
  • iPhone headphones
  • keys
  • a pony-tail holder

I’m an Apple guy, but I’m also frugal (read poor). So, I buy used iPhones and hack them so that they last and last. My wife has a 3G and she’s fallen in love with the platform having been a Palm Treo, BlackBerry, and other smart-phone user.

In high school, I started carrying a pen. I noticed that someone would always borrow one and they might do it when I needed (or was about to need) it. So, I started carrying around two. I used to use the Pilot V-tip, but one day found that the G-2’s were cheaper and the ink flowed just as well (which is why I use pilots at all).

I worked for a hotel AV contractor and my boss gave me the multi-tool for Christmas. I opened it and thought “I’m never gonna use this.” The opposite is true. Unless I forgot to put it in my pocket, I use it at least once a day. I often use it multiple times a day.

I’m a videographer, so I love gaffe tape. If you’ve never used this stuff, you should. Imagine all the good things you love about duct tape, but the adhesive is just enough less sticky that it comes up when you want it to. After my last wallet died, I decided to make a new wallet. Since I had gaffe tape, I decided that a gaffe tape wallet was the way to go. That was four or five years ago. Every time it rips or breaks, I take off old pieces and add new. It’s great.

I listen to podcasts exclusively. I’m always learning something new. In order to keep myself from getting bored during boring times, I plug in my iPhone headphones and listen away.

On my key ring, you’ll see my 1995 Camaro keys, my wife’s Camary key, my house key, my mailbox key, a key for church, and a key to a padlock that used to be on my garage at my old house. I love my Camaro, having wanted one since I was fourteen until I got my first one, a 1978, at 18. I bought this car in 1997 and have driven it over 220,000 miles. I hope to make enough money to have it restored some day, since it’s starting to show its age.

I carry a pony tail holder because I’m a long-haired guy. I’m 39 and I’m noticing that my hair is thinning, so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep my hair. Up until college, I wasn’t able to grow my hair long because of school rules. I tried to cut it at 30 and had to cut it for the AV job I talked about above. I guess I just like being unique and remembering my love of heavy metal in the late 1980s.

How about you? What does the stuff you carry around say about you?


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