The Serving Church hits number 9 in Ministry category on Amazon

After my last promo, I was pretty satisfied with the results. A couple of days later, Lifehacker posted a link to the top 100 Kindle Lending Library titles. For fun, I decided to look for The Serving Church. In “Church Leadership and Ministry” it made it all the way to #22 and in “Ministry,” the sub-category of that, it made it to #9 (see screenshots below).Number 9 in KDP Lending Library
I don’t think I’ve ever broken into the paid rankings before (although I’ll need to check), so I was also pleasantly surprised to realize that it made it to #59 in “Church Leadership” for paid Kindle books.
#59 in Church Leadership

This feels pretty big to me and while I’m still struggling to make ends meet, it feels like a sign of hope.