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  • How would I setup Stage Display as in through the DVI to VGA Adapter? I see where it is in settings but don’t know where to actually set it up for a different Mac.

    • Paul Alan Clifford

      When you say DVI to VGA, you’re using the DVI for VGA and not trying to send a different signal through the DVI to both a DVI display and a VGA display, right? Each display (monitor or projector) needs its own port whether that’s HDMI, DVI, VGA, Mini-display, USB (with a usb to vga, etc. adapter), or Thunderbolt. Once that’s done, we can do the following:

      First, the display needs to show up in “System Preferences”>”Displays”. Make sure it is not mirrored (there’s a checkbox under “Arrangement” that says “Mirror Displays” that shouldn’t be checked. Once that’s done, you should have three displays: 1. Your main, control display.
      2. Your regular “everyone sees it” display.
      3. Your “this is going to be the stage display”.

      If you have two, this won’t work.

      Now, fire up Propresenter 5. In the preferences, there’s a tab to set up the displays. You should see an icon that says “SD” for stage display. Drag that onto the display that doesn’t have anything else on it (by default it shows up on your control display, so you need to move it to your dedicated “stage display”. Now it should be a matter of turning on the stage display in propresenter and formatting it the way you like.

      Here are the links to the videos on it:

      Setting up the stage display (basically has the steps I mentioned above)
      Formatting the stage display (once it’s working, how to arrange things)

      Thanks for the question.


  • Mike Brock

    Is it a good idea to propresenter information on an external hard drive? If so, what is the best way to do it?

    • If you mean videos, you’re going to want to have them on an external hard drive that’s the fastest it can be. Ideally either Thunderbolt, SATA, or USB 3.0. SSD is better than spinning drive in this case, but if a mechanical hard drive, get one at least 7200 rpm.