Numerical Goals update for December 2013

Service 2013 GoalApril Starting NumberCurrent Number (starred if goal achieved)Change since previous month
Newsletter Subscribers1,0006261,055*-10
FaceBook TDM page likes10018158*+4
Pinterest Followers650169280+5
Monthly Unique Visitors2,000448554-175
Google+ Circles I'm In2,0005291,323+24

The traffic slide continues for traffic to this site. I put more content on the site than I have for some time, so I guess that’s not it, in and of itself. Perhaps the “Eternity Changers” series just doesn’t drive traffic the way I’d hoped it would. Maybe I should stick with Church Tech related stuff and see if traffic picks up.

I also need to do more guest-blogging, so if you know of any blogs that might like a post from me, let me know. I’ll write something for and most likely, but there are others that I could write for, too.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be hitting any more of my goals this year because they’re still far off, but it’s still possible, so I’m going to try and accelerate through the finish line and see what happens, especial for blog traffic, g+ circles, and youtube subscriptions.


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