Numbers Update for November 2013

Service2013 Goal April Starting NumberCurrent Number (starred if goal achieved)Change since previous month
Newsletter Subscribers1,0006261,065*+8
FaceBook TDM page likes10018154*+14
Pinterest Followers650169275+8
Monthly Unique Visitors2,000448729-190
Google+ Circles I'm In2,0005291,299+98

Goals that have been reached so far: Twitter followers (reached this month), Newsletter subscribers, FaceBook page likes.

Goals that are close: YouTube subscribers.

Goals which seem unlikely: Pinterest followers (still need 375 which is more than half), monthly unique visitors (still need 1,271 if last month was average), Google+ circles (still need 701).

What I did wrong last month:
Freelancing took a lot time from my normal content creation and promotion time. I did the baseline, but I actually lost ground in unique visitors. I need to do more writing and especially guest blogging if I want my numbers to pick back up.

BTW, this was costly in another way, too. I lost my banner sponsor. I suspect it’s because my traffic dropped.

From a financial standpoint, I traded a little ad revenue for a lot of freelancing revenue, but it’s only a short-term gain, so I’m unhappy about it.

I’ve got a couple little things to finish up, but after that I need to promote like there’s no tomorrow! I might even buy some ads myself. We’ll see.


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