Last Week’s Links for 2011-10-24

  • Tons of fun DIY video projects: DIY Camera Rig Tutorials #
  • For my fellow Doctor Who fans: Doctor Who: Regeneration (All The Doctor's Regenerations 1963 – 2010) #
  • Interesting shoot out between the Red, film and DSLRs. #
  • Something for the next time I'm forced to use a PC: The 20 Best Registry Hacks to Improve Windows – How-To Geek #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ihnatko @devlindonnelly @fxp123 @freddiescott #
  • I also play around with electronics: Draw Circuits with Conductive Silver Ink #
  • Haven't tried it yet, but I'm all for simple file transferring: #
  • Cool and simple idea: DIY Light Ring Offers Continuous Photography/Video Illumination on the Cheap #
  • Just a little mean. Turn an old SLR into a projector that projects when someone else takes a photo: Fulgurator-tech #
  • Saturday, I'm teaching two classes at #Podcampcincy One on beginning video and one on doubling your twitter followers. Anyone coming? #
  • I have a friend who calls dumpsters "the catalog." This is for him: Treshr digitally looks Through Trash for Free Stuff #
  • Prepping my talk about getting followers. I'm using Tweepi as part of my process to get more: #
  • If you don't want a camera, but do want mirroring: How to Enable Display Mirroring, etc. on iPad 1 (W/o a Jailbreak) #
  • I used to be afraid of phone calls; my last job was telephone tech support: How to Overcome Your Worst Fears #
  • Thinking about building one of these for our church's kid's events: Ultimate Homemade Photo Booth #
  • Enjoying the event planning session at #PodCincy First class I didn't teach. Listening to @mbdunnusa do a great job. #
  • Watching the session on social media with @webmediaexpert. Fun session. #
  • If you're at #podcincy today, the hard copy of #podcastingchurch is for sale for only $10 today. Hurry, only 6 left at this price. #
  • Thx to everyone who attended my "Basic Video for Podcasters" & "How I doubled my twitter followers" classes. It was a privilege. #PodCincy #
  • I really want to bump into Dave Jackson at #podcincy Anyone seen him? #
  • I can think of a ton of uses for this: Harmony Link Makes Any iOS or Android Device a Universal Remote #
  • We're wrapping up #podcincy now. Glad I got to meet the people I met. So much fun! #
  • I'm looking at the world's largest Christie micro-tile wall. 5000×7000 pixels. #podcincy I've got a pic, but the color doesn't translate. #
  • Something for my fellow family tech support peeps: How to Control a Remote Computer Using Only Your Chrome Web Browser #
  • I tried to do this once, couldn't figure out the last pieces: DIY Camera Stabilizer/Steadicam Build Tutorial #
  • Talked to a friend who has an iPhone 4s. She said Siri responds in funny ways to funny questions like "Will you marry me?" & "Knock, knock" #
  • Wow! I wonder how much was tweaked in post: iPhone 4s Video Footage Looks Fantastic #
  • This is giving me ideas: What is Vacuum Forming? Here’s a Quick Primer, and How to Make Your Own System #
  • Wow! An Infallible Sermon? #

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Paul Alan Clifford, M.Div. has been a tech volunteer with Lexington City Church (formerly Quest Community Church) in Lexington, KY since 2000 and is the founder of, llc. He became part of the technology in ministry team when his church’s attendance was around 200 in one Sunday service and has witnessed it’s growth to a peak of 5,200 average weekly attendance in one Saturday service, four Sunday services in one online and two physical campuses. He literally wrote the book on podcasting in churches, twitter in churches, & servant-hearted volunteering, as well as writing various articles for publications like “Church Production” and “Technologies for Worship” magazines. He has thousands of members of his ProPresenter Users' Group on Facebook and thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel.