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Last Week’s Links for 2011-10-24

  • Tons of fun DIY video projects: DIY Camera Rig Tutorials #
  • For my fellow Doctor Who fans: Doctor Who: Regeneration (All The Doctor's Regenerations 1963 – 2010) #
  • Interesting shoot out between the Red, film and DSLRs. #
  • Something for the next time I'm forced to use a PC: The 20 Best Registry Hacks to Improve Windows – How-To Geek #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ihnatko @devlindonnelly @fxp123 @freddiescott #
  • I also play around with electronics: Draw Circuits with Conductive Silver Ink #
  • Haven't tried it yet, but I'm all for simple file transferring: #
  • Cool and simple idea: DIY Light Ring Offers Continuous Photography/Video Illumination on the Cheap #
  • Just a little mean. Turn an old SLR into a projector that projects when someone else takes a photo: Fulgurator-tech #
  • Saturday, I'm teaching two classes at #Podcampcincy One on beginning video and one on doubling your twitter followers. Anyone coming? #
  • I have a friend who calls dumpsters "the catalog." This is for him: Treshr digitally looks Through Trash for Free Stuff #
  • Prepping my talk about getting followers. I'm using Tweepi as part of my process to get more: #
  • If you don't want a camera, but do want mirroring: How to Enable Display Mirroring, etc. on iPad 1 (W/o a Jailbreak) #
  • I used to be afraid of phone calls; my last job was telephone tech support: How to Overcome Your Worst Fears #
  • Thinking about building one of these for our church's kid's events: Ultimate Homemade Photo Booth #
  • Enjoying the event planning session at #PodCincy First class I didn't teach. Listening to @mbdunnusa do a great job. #
  • Watching the session on social media with @webmediaexpert. Fun session. #
  • If you're at #podcincy today, the hard copy of #podcastingchurch is for sale for only $10 today. Hurry, only 6 left at this price. #
  • Thx to everyone who attended my "Basic Video for Podcasters" & "How I doubled my twitter followers" classes. It was a privilege. #PodCincy #
  • I really want to bump into Dave Jackson at #podcincy Anyone seen him? #
  • I can think of a ton of uses for this: Harmony Link Makes Any iOS or Android Device a Universal Remote #
  • We're wrapping up #podcincy now. Glad I got to meet the people I met. So much fun! #
  • I'm looking at the world's largest Christie micro-tile wall. 5000×7000 pixels. #podcincy I've got a pic, but the color doesn't translate. #
  • Something for my fellow family tech support peeps: How to Control a Remote Computer Using Only Your Chrome Web Browser #
  • I tried to do this once, couldn't figure out the last pieces: DIY Camera Stabilizer/Steadicam Build Tutorial #
  • Talked to a friend who has an iPhone 4s. She said Siri responds in funny ways to funny questions like "Will you marry me?" & "Knock, knock" #
  • Wow! I wonder how much was tweaked in post: iPhone 4s Video Footage Looks Fantastic #
  • This is giving me ideas: What is Vacuum Forming? Here’s a Quick Primer, and How to Make Your Own System #
  • Wow! An Infallible Sermon? #

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