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Last Week’s Links for 2011-08-01

  • Something my marketing team (@madhousecm) found: Five Creativity Exercises to Find Your Passion #
  • I told you about my t-shirt design. Now vote for "Medical Cow Bell," to help it get printed!: #
  • Most churches need to read this: Copyright FAQ for churches #
  • I love a warm cup of coffee at the international headquarters (i.e. my house). #
  • Hey everyone, I submitted a design to Threadless. Everyone who's seen it laughs. If you could head over to ht… #
  • Hmm. This is interesting: Lime & Slate – Art & Design #
  • I'll be doing 2 or 3 of these: 7 Repeat Business Strategies for Small Businesses #
  • Anyone know the output resolution of the Canon VIXIA HF G10 over component? Is it 480i or 1080p (or something in the middle)? #
  • More design inspiration: 25 Beautiful Navigation Menus #
  • That's odd. I have like 1600 followers and twitter won't let me follow more. Huh. I'll try it from twitter directly. #
  • I've heard of a 2000 twitter follower limit, but 1668? That seems arbitrary. #
  • Note to self, "Finish Doing This." — How twitter background and web site design are connected (20 examples) #
  • Whatever was broken with my ability to follow in twitter seems to be fixed now. Thanks twitter peeps. You are my favorite social site. #
  • I might need to tweak the my business card w/ these ideas: 40 Great QR Code Business Cards #
  • Now, this is a twitter tool list! Found some new stuff: 111 Twitter Tools #
  • FYI: Videographer-10 years; twitter-4 years; blogger-6 years; podcaster-5 years; author-1 book; magazine writer-4 years; online since 1995 #
  • Fff #
  • Wish I'd found this earlier. We needed Autotune for a song at church: How to autotune your voice in GarageBand 11‏ #
  • I just wrote this blog post: Twitter's 2000 follower limit – #
  • OK, DSLR first before I build another rig…but it's so cool!?! – Build An Amazing Super Versatile DIY Time Lapse Dolly #
  • One of my followers @radiantconf is having a church tech conference in November. Check it out #
  • More for the DSLR videographer: SWITRONIX POWERBASE 70 #
  • So funny! Hope the hiccups go away soon; maybe I should add precognition to my resume, hmmm. — Best résumé ever? #
  • Now this is useful. A way to add links to youtube videos: LinkedTube #
  • I'm excited for what's coming up. I'm doing consulting for one church, web work for another, & maybe video for an online Christian school. #
  • I had never heard this, but it's cool for us Christians to know: COMMUNION ON THE MOON. Eric Metaxas on FoxNews #
  • With a little tweeking, this would be the best DIY followfocus I've seen: DSLR shoulder rig / follow focus w/a twist #
  • The author is one handsome dude…oh wait, that's me: 3 Tips for Using Podcasting for Your Business #
  • Great meeting with John from Crossroads Community in Sheboygan. I'd love to help out your church too. Hit me up. #
  • What does U2 have to do with Jesus? Head to to find out. #
  • What battle are you fighting on your own? #
  • Reps can u concede we need 2 do something now, not l8r? Dems can u concede 2 much spending? K. Fix it! Don't make me pull this country over! #
  • I don't want to get political, but everyone needs to stop blaming and start fixing; both sides had a part in this. #yourenotfoolinganyone #
  • Now, back to the church tech stuff. Headed to bed so that tomorrow lives & eternities can be changed by what I'm asked to do. #IJustFollow #
  • Now, this is cool. Thunderbolt out from MBP or air becomes usb, firewire, ethernet.: Thunderbolt Display #
  • Good tips here if you need to talk to someone over a distance during service: Skype On The Big Screen #
  • Tomorrow I start writing my next book. I'll keep you posted on how it's going. The writing should take 30-60 days, if I write every day. #
  • Interesting ideas for media organization here: ProPresenter Organization #
  • Hive mind question: 1980's Nickelodeon show about future inventions hosted by Joseph Camponella was called? #
  • Thx for the answers tweeps. I was thinking of " What Will They Think Of Next?" #
  • I was hoping for cross platform, but it's good nonetheless: CyberGhost VPN Is a Free, Anonymous VPN for windows #
  • Had a dream thinking of: What Will They Think Of Next?‏ ; thx to @RandyMahoney & @shadesofjoe for the title. #
  • Last day to get "Podcasting Church" for as little as $12.00 shipped. Check out for more info. #
  • Tomorrow I start writing "Tweeting Church." What would you like to see in it? #
  • I'm still using Tweepi. It's my primary tool for twitter. I'll write about them in "Tweeting Church" #
  • Just found out my main project for this week has been pushed to next. Anyone need any help? #

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