Tweeting Church: How Christians Can Use Twitter to Spread the Gospel and Connect Communities

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3d Tweeting Church 425x200I’d been on Twitter for several years (since March 25, 2007), but had limited success in connecting with new people and growing my follower count. That was until 2011 when I noticed something that I figured out how to replicate.

When I started, this I had 353 followers and now I have a script that tells me the latest number. As of July 30, 2014, it was 38,843; now it’s:

How did I do it?
It wasn’t tweeting more often or at the “right time of day.”
It wasn’t engaging with more followers.
It wasn’t buying followers.
It wasn’t even twitter advertising.

I’ll tell you how in Chapter 13.

Don’t really know much about twitter or wonder if your idea for how to use it has been done? Check out chapters 1 and 16.

There’s something in here for everyone. It’s geared toward churches, but it’s written for people to learn more about this social network no matter what their background.

So, go ahead and download this 164 page ebook.

Here’s what some people are saying about it:

Heather Marsten wrote:
I’m still new to tweeting but found this book helpful and inspiring. I need to learn more basic information about tweeting, but after I do, I see this book as a good reference. I started a blog for notes from my pastor’s teachings. It has been helpful to our church members and others. I’m thinking that tweeting may also serve to share good information with others. I recommend this book, but probably for someone who is a least a bit familiar with twitter.

alanhk wrote:
Tweeting Church provides everything you need to know about making your church known electronically, especially the why and the how of it. Paul Clifford tells you why tweeting will help make your church known, and how you will help people who are spiritually searching in the process. He presents everything you need to know to set up a Twitter account, and how to use it effectively, establishing wide ranging relationships. This is one exceptionally good tool to make an evangelistic church stronger in proclaiming the Gospel.

Keith Neary wrote:
I Thought this was a great introduction to Twitter, and how to use the service effectively. I’m fairly new to Twitter myself and was not aware of its many functions. Overall I found the information presented in an easy to read style that managed not to talk down to the reader. I will definitely be keeping this one as reference material.

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