Creating Church


From the time of Constantine until the Renaissance most great artwork in the West was created in and for the Church by people of faith. Look around. What changed? Why do people go to church expecting to be bored and not expecting to be touched?

Some time in the last few centuries the Church has become entitled. We’ve started to believe that our message was so important that it didn’t need to be dressed in art. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Important messages seem so because they’re dressed in great art. The artfulness of presentation makes the audience think the subject matter is important. Without it, people assume that whatever is said wasn’t important enough to take the care to dress.

In Creating Church Paul Alan Clifford, author of The Serving Church, Church Video School, Tweeting Church, and Podcasting Church, gives concrete steps on how to:
-form creative teams in your church
-come up with creative ideas
-dealing with artists
-invading a person’s week
-and much more.

Will this be the year that you take back the creative fingerprint of God and use that ability to spread the Good News? The choice is yours.

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