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Your church knows that video is a great way to communicate, but doesn’t know where to start. In each of these short lessons, Paul Alan Clifford, a veteran of church video ministry, will lead you from novice to leader. Church Video School is a 90-day course that walks through brief daily lessons and trains you on church video best practices. While you can read the book straight through, Church Video School is broken down into easily consumable sound bites so that anyone can learn about church video in just a few minutes a day. Topics include:

  1. Choosing a camera
  2. Picking the right microphone for the shoot
  3. Choosing editing software
  4. The stages of production
  5. Rules of composition
  6. Lighting with professional fixtures
  7. Training Volunteers
  8. Troubleshooting
  9. Keying
  10. Using a waveform and vectorscope
  11. Choosing a studio space
  12. and more!

Church Video School is jam packed with valuable material that beginners can learn from and seasoned pros can use as a reference. Buy Church Video School today and begin your journey to implementing best practices.

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