Rates and Services

Because I consult for churches, I’ve tried to keep my rates low (lower than a plumber or electrician). Since Jesus and Paul both said that “a worker is worth his wages” (Luke 10:7 and 1 Timothy 5:18), I only volunteer services for my church. I must support the family given me by God. Under certain circumstances and at my sole discretion, I may provide a discount for smaller churches or church plants. The prices listed here should be considered my standard rate.

All rates are subject to change. All rates billed in whole increments only (i.e. day rate billed as 2 whole days, not 1.5 days). Flying out of state requires a minimum of 1 day’s rate. I travel cheap, but you will be billed for those expenses as well (if applicable).

Live, in-person training: $300/1-hour session + expenses, two per day maximum.

Keynote: $1,000 per session (90 minute maximum)

Video critique: $200 per up to 1 hour of video. includes a written report and 1-hour skype consulting session.

Remote training and consulting: $50/hr, $320/day, $1500/week, $2500/month.

Videography and editing: $50/hr, $320/day, $1500/week, $4000/month.

Web design: $50/hr, $320/day, $1500/week, $4000/month.

Other services on a case by case basis.

Call 859-428-8662 or email paul[at]trinitydigitalmedia[dot]com for more information.