Church Video Summer School

Update 3: You can now buy Church Video School (Church Video Summer School: JuneChurch Video Summer School: July, and Church Video Summer School: August) on Kindle.  Get yours today!

How did I release all the information from the first three months (including blog posts that went live the day each book went live)? I skipped some steps to make this as fast as possible. Let me know what you think.

This is an experiment. I took some “school” courses in HTML/CSS earlier and liked them. I thought, “What can I write about every day that could help the church?” Video is what I know and love. Each day at 9:00 am eastern, I’ll post a new lesson. The links are below. They should be fairly fast reads. If you miss one, don’t worry, you’re only 5-10 minutes behind.

At the end of each month, I’m putting them in Kindle format on Amazon (like I did for June). Normally I’d send them to my editor first, but this is the second part of the experiment. I’m going to let you edit what are essentially rough drafts. Anyone who submits a correction will be listed as an “editor” in the book.

I’d like to record audio and video as we go along. Some of the posts have that, but it’s more difficult than anticipated with my “studio,” so give me some grace as I try and do that. If you want to help out, I’m preselling the whole thing below to raise cash to keep up this schedule and improve my studio space.

  1. Why video
Week 1
  1. Stages of production
  2. equipment
  3. genre
  4. audio best practices
  5. lighting help
  6. framing
  7. transitions
Week 2
  1. directing IMAG
  2. editing
  3. presentation software
  4. sermon notes
  5. resolution
  6. encoding, compression, & codecs
  7. DVD authoring
Week 3
  1. floor direction
  2. embedding video
  3. click tracks
  4. motion graphics
  5. typography
  6. stills
  7. quick slide shows
Week 4
  1. camera support
  2. cardinal video directions
  3. camera choice
  4. DSLR vs. video cameras
  5. DSLR video
  6. DSLR lenses
  7. shutter speed
Week 5
  1. iris
  2. iso/gain
  3. special effects
  4. video hosts
  5. teleprompters
  6. creativity
  7. video treatments
Week 6
  1. 180 rule
  2. logging footage
  3. display choices
  4. 3D movie tech
  5. language of color
  6. comms
  7. DIY comms
Week 7
  1. gaff tape
  2. video cables
  3. frugal DSLR lenses
  4. digital signage
  5. finding volunteers
  6. getting funding
  7. bars & tone
Week 8
  1. How to use a slate
  2. video switchers
  3. What (not) to wear
  4. Solving problems of conjunction
  5. What’s in my light kit
  6. Making video loop
  7. Depth of field
Week 9
  1. running a handheld cam
  2. rack focus
  3. editing for a remote campus
  4. DIY cam rig
  5. DIY follow focus
  6. backup
  7. archiving
Week 10
  1. theatrical fixtures
  2. lighting boards & dimmers
  3. light modifiers
  4. monitor calibration
  5. training volunteers
  6. confidence monitors
  7. distributing live video around the world
Week 11
  1. keying
  2. lessons in live production
  3. troubleshooting
  4. Photoshop
  5. Final Cut Studio
  6. Final Cut X
  7. L & J cuts
Week 12
  1. waveform/vectorscope
  2. Lens filters
  3. projectors & screens
  4. screens size
  5. setting up a projector
  6. temporary set-ups
  7. choosing a light kit
Week 13
  1. Using a jib
  2. Using a dolly
  3. Using a steadicam
  4. Available light
  5. White balance
  6. sets
  7. choosing a studio space
Week 14
  1. signal flow
  2. tips & tricks
  3. analog & digital
  4. computer selection
  5. recording media
  6. drive file systems