Podcasting Church

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Here’s the table of contents:


Chapter 1–What is a Podcast

Chapter 2–Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Podcast

Chapter 3–Equipment

Chapter 4–The Stages of ProductionChapter 5–GenreChapter 6–FormatChapter 7–Live From My Spare Room…Chapter 8–Editing

Chapter 9–Naming, Framing & Taming

Chapter 10–RSS, XML, and Feeds Oh My

Chapter 11–Them Bits Hertz

Chapter 11b–Resolutions about Codecs

Chapter 12–A Word about iTunes

Chapter 12b–Submitting to iTunes

Chapter 13–Branding & Promotion

Chapter 14–A Word about the Web

Chapter 15–Streamable, Downloadable, and Playable

Chapter 16–Good to Great

Chapter 17–Blogging

Chapter 18–Podcasting to the Unconvinced

Chapter 19–Copyright (Yours and Others’)

Chapter 20–Tips and Tricks

Chapter 21–Archive, Backup, Save Copies

Chapter 22–Storage and Bandwidth

Chapter 23–This is the End…