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If you have a business (or work for one) that’s looking to connect with thousands of church tech people, have I got an offer for you!

I have multiple ways for you to advertise on my site. Are you a banner kind of business whose offers are more visual in nature? Why not pick up one of these ads today for a month or more and get the word out?

Every month, and Paul Alan Clifford reach over 45,000 people through this blog and the live stream (2,614), the newsletter (1,207), Twitter (41,093), Facebook (211), Google+ (1,672), YouTube (466), Podcast downloads (638), and other networks around the web.

Advertising opportunities
The top banner available on all pages and the main site is only $100 a month, flat rate, so no surprises on how much you’ll be charged if I get a spike in traffic. Sold out three months in a row from July-September 2013.

To the side are three smaller 125×125 boxes. They’re $50 per month each.

There’s one 250×250 box that sells for $75 a month and a 125×250 box that sells for $65 a month.

None of these banners rotate, so each page load means more and more people see your message.

If you prefer an audio or video message, I’m also looking for up to three sponsors per show at a $40 cpm (cost per 1,000 downloads) each. This includes a bulletin board message at the top of the show mentioning you as a sponsor and then a more in-depth mid-roll message later on. I’ll create all advertising for you. You just tell me if there are any special codes or offers that you’d like shared with the viewers. These interstitial ads (which will be part of the final media as well) can be a very popular way to get your product in front of the people you want to reach.

For August 2013, Tech Help for Churches and Tech, No Babel had 1,718 unique downloads. With the launch of the Eternity Changers audio podcast on September 3, 2013, that number will only increase.

Additionally, I can tweet messages to my sizeable twitter audience for only $25 per tweet. All sponsored tweets must be marked with the hashtag #ad and be beneficial to my audience.

Finally, for only $50, I will mention your product or service to my highly engaged newsletter readership.

Let me put my network to work for you. Order your ads on and today!

Drop me a line at paul at trinitydigitalmedia dot com to get started.