ChurchTechCast Q & A for September 27, 2013

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Stage communication
Hey guys,

I’m needing a few ideas for phone communication from our stage to FOH and possibly even a tie in from our childrens center to call the booth so we can notify parents if they are needed. I don’t really have the budget to spend on a clear com system.


Video Downloads
How are all you Mac users downloading YouTube videos? We use them as students come in on Wednesday nights. I was using Video Get but there’s not a Mac version so I’m struggling!

Why would this be?
PO on Church A/V Technology

Ok, just reviewed my 2 tests using the HOA – for the church and for some reason the mics did not work when the pastor was talking, but when worship was playing it worked fine.. Why would that be? Is it possible that the sound board we have is not including all the mics, since we can only plug in one cord to the computer that is running the HOA?

Anyone want to take a look, I will give you our channel link, doesn’t make sense to me.. Will do tests again in the morning.

Links mentioned:
Instructables Cat5 Intercom

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