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If you have teleprompter hardware, you may be looking for a cheap, cross-platform software solution that you can take with you anywhere anytime. While I provide a link to my hosted version of this software with my upcoming eBook Build your own teleprompter for less than you thought possible, this shows you the source code and lets you run it on any web browser. It’s small and lightweight yet flexible enough to run on anything from a smartphone to a tablet to a computer.

With this code, you can change the size of the font, change speed, and even mirror or unmirror the text. This is the software I use with my teleprompter and I want you to see how powerful such a small piece of code can be.

Use this powerful tool for your next announcement video or the next time the pastor wants to record a message for the church while he/she is away.

If you can copy and paste text, you can use Church Teleprompter Software.

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