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    Dear Paul,

    I’ve recently completed a book title God Has Finally Spoken – Soul Matters. It answers the following big questions that have baffled humankind for ages:

    • Is there a God or Creator?

    • If there is a good God, why is there evil?

    • Who and what is God?

    • What is our relationship with God?

    • Why are we here and what is God’s expectation of us?

    • Why have there being so much human sufferings?

    • How do we get out of this mess?

    • What is His plan for humankind (and all sentient beings)?

    • Is Confucianism a religion?

    • Is Zen a religion?

    and more.

    I would appreciate if you’d agree to review the book for me.

    If yes, then I’d proceed to send a review copy in PDF.

    God blessed,


  • Hello,

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    We are a free service, so any congregation does not have to worry about adjusting their budget.

    We also offer a private space for members of a church to share documents, chat, post to a bulletin, and host invite-only conferences. This is perfect for collaboration and connecting outside of church. We can also support families that wish to communicate over vast distances. If a son or daughter leaves for college or a mission, they can still reconnect with home and their church through our service.

    I am dedicated to helping churches share their message, because I understand that faith can bring people together and create a community that helps the world.

    I am just trying to spread the word, because I know that we can help. However, I need some support with a quick review, shout-out, Tweet, or Facebook post. Or, even forward this message to congregations you know who could benefit from

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    Let me know what you think. Even if you can only help by sending out a quick tweet, that would be wonderful.

    Thank you for your time and have an amazing week!

  • I was interested in how you went about using advertising to support your website. We have multiple sites and I was recently laid off from my secular job. I would love to learn about other options to keep them going and ministering to others. I know your busy this week, get back to me when you can.

    – Daniel Forster

  • Maritza

    Hi Paul!, (by the way, thanks for the follow on twitter too!), I´d like to have a blog, don´t have any idea of how to start and how to do it, how much do you charge for doing that and if I´m in Mexico, is that a problem?. Thank You so very much!. Blessings!!!

    • sempei13

      There are a few options. I have a deal where I’ll set up a blog for you using wordpress (what I use) with the theme I use (not customized, but it will give you a start) and with the appropriate plug-ins for free if you use my affiliate code to buy hosting with the webhost I use. It doesn’t cost you any extra and I chose them for their customer service, so it’s a great deal all around.

      I can also recommend a domain registrar so you can have your own “” domain name.

      If you need something lower budget, like a free service, I can recommend that, too, but know that your options will be limited.

  • Hi Paul:

    We are a small startup that writes Christian apps. Here is our first:

    We would love a review to get some positive exposure. If you would like, we could gift you copy.


    • sempei13

      I’m sending you an email with an idea concerning this.

  • Michael

    Dear Paul
    I was wondering about advancing videos or stills on pro presenter 5. You see I get how to do it as you did but is it possible say if I need 3 groups of vids to play at 3 different times. You know if we sing 3 songs I’d like to have a group of stills or vids per song but they will not be back to back so I would need each group to stop after the last vid or still
    Thanks so much and God bless

    • sempei13

      I’m going to drop you a line on email, but I’m not sure I understand the question. Let me take a stab at it.

      So, you have a group of vids/stills that are the background of a song. At the end of the song, the videos should stop because something else is going on and you don’t want to distract (or something like that)?

      I’d just replace the background with another background. So, lets say video one plays during the first verse, video two starts at the chorus and continues into the second verse, video three then plays during verse three. Now, let say video three is much too long or is a looping background so it won’t just stop at the end of the song.

      To stop video 3, just create an image in photoshop or another image editor that’s all black. Use that as the background for the final slide in the song (just add an additional blank slide at the end). When you advance the song to the last slide, that new background (the black one) takes over from the previous video and viola, nothing is happening on the screen until you need it to.

      Did that answer your question?

  • Dennis Warner

    I signed up for the summer give aways today and used Facebook. It asked to use my contacts and profile. Soon after I got texts and emails from 20 of my friends mad because they got 25 emails from me. Will this continue cause I don’t want it to. Ant advice should be helpful. Thank you

    • sempei13

      If that feature causes you to spam your friends, I’ll turn it off. Let me look into it.

  • Hi Paul,
    I thought I’d get in touch with you to see if you ever accept Guest Posts on your blog? We’ve got a whole bunch of awesome tech-related content that we’d love to share. Here’s an example of the kind of content we have ready to go:
    Let me know if you’re interested. Also, if you’d be interesting in guest blogging for our blog, let me know. I’m sure you could share some Web related topics that our audience would really like. Cheers!

  • Paul –
    I recently tweeted the article you wrote regarding streaming, and to my surprise, my Adult Minister at my church pointed out that your sister works down the hall! Yes, I attend the same church that your sister works and I’m always looking for another information resource. If you DM me, I’d love to connect and discuss your ministry!

    • sempei13

      I sent you a message on twitter. It’s very fun that you’ve found me and you serve around my sister. Let’s talk more.


  • Hello,

    I think you will want to be one of the first to know about our mobile donation app that has just been released. Givelify was specifically designed for churches by church-goers. No more text codes, no more complicated URLs or passwords and no more long forms to fill out. Not to mention, Givelify allows donors to give as much as they want whereas text to give methods only allow small amounts. Also, we provide the church with their very own free customized profile on our website. We have just pushed our press release. Thank you for your time.

    Sarah Oudin

  • Paul, I was wondering if you had any recommendations on a CD changer to use during worship and praise. We’re not quite ready to go to digital music, and the one we’re using is about to give up the ghost on us. Ideally, I’d love to find one I program a pause into if such a thing were possible – ie; CD1 T2, pause until I press play, then CD2 T4, CD3 T1, etc.

    • sempei13

      Take a look at this one. I don’t know about the “pause” funtion, but it also takes a usb drive for digital music to ease the transition. 🙂

      Sony CDP-CE500 Compact Disc Player

  • Hey Paul,

    I’ve spent some time on your site. You have some great content! I am currently building an app for pastors to organize the care they provide to others. I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts about what we are building. Here is our simple landing pages.

  • facebook_Ronald J Widerman.100000030625442

    Hi Paul
    please help me set up a list of equip to capture a podium 50′ away from camera, then send to a room via cable to an overflow room to project onto a screen..

    • sempei13

      You’ll need:

      • a camera
      • a tripod
      • cabling to get the signal to the projector
      • projector
      • screen
      • audio amplifier
      • speaker/speakers
      • maybe a volume control

      Tell me about the room you’re sending it to. How far away is it? Is it for only a few people or video overflow for 50+?

      Finally, what assets do we have already? I’m assuming a sound board, but do you have anything in place that you must use? Do you have the projector and screen already? If so, what video inputs does the projector have?

  • Justin Koby

    For the Q/A….
    We are currently working to implement video streaming online from our worship service. Currently, we are running some low definition security cameras for the video feeds. We are a small church that is working to grow. Since we are on a tight budget and don’t have anybody available to man the camera(s), I’m considering running a higher definition fixed position security camera for the camera feed. What are you thoughts on running an IP security camera for the video feed? I’m specifically looking at the Zavio F7210 as our first camera and using ManyCam for the video switching and interface to the online streaming provider.

    Hope this makes sense. Email me if you need more information.

    • sempei13

      I’m a little concerned that in order to get the video you’ll need to use the ManyCam screen cap feature (which adds latency in addition to the network latency you’re bound to see). I think an HD webcam might be a better choice.

      ManyCam might work for switching, but the interface is hard to use when compared to something like WireCast, which is what I use. It’s also free, so that is an advantage over wirecast’s price of a few hundred dollars.

      • Justin Koby

        Thanks. I just checked it and did find that the video is 1/2 second behind the audio. We never noticed it before due to the low quality of the video.

        A wired camera going through a digital converter, manycam, then streaming had no noticeable delay. Thanks. We will start investigating other avenues.

        I tested the delay by clapping over my head and watching the stream afterwards.

  • Joel Osborn

    Hey Paul! Good to see you. I’m taking a snow day from work, so I finally get to check out your live stream.

    God bless.

  • Joel Osborn

    I tried taking a picture of the stained glass windows that the screen covered up and used that as a background. They only thought I was trying to “fool” them. I was trying to find common ground. 8-/

    • sempei13

      I hear ya. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

  • Pankaj

    Hi Paul, I was wondering if you could help me.

    I am trying to create a live video feed from my sony HXR-MC1500E to my mac pro 13 laptop so I can use in pro presenter.

    Any help please?

    • sempei13

      So, you want video from the camera coming into the computer, into propresenter, and then out to a screen live? First, I think doing that is going to give you a lot of latency. I’d test it out before you plan on using it.

      With that said, BlackMagic makes a device called a “Mini recorder.” Assuming your MacBook Pro has thunderbolt, you can take an SDI or HDMI source (like say, your Sony HXR-MC1500E) and connect it to the Thunderbolt port on your computer. I expect that it will work in ProPresenter.

      I did notice that your camera has a USB output. Before you buy anything, have you tried seeing if you can plug that into your computer and run it like a webcam?

      Let me know how it works.

  • Hey Paul,

    Been wanting to ask this for a long time, keep forgetting it though.

    Can I use Patreon as an online giving option for our Church?


    • sempei13

      Marvin, you can take a look yourself, but I doubt it would work exactly right. Your choices are per month or per work of art. I suppose you could do per church service, but the amounts are like whole dollar increments, too. I’d love to know if it worked.

    • sempei13

      I found this over at It looks like what you’re looking for:

  • Louis Tagliaboschi

    Dear Paul,
    I would like to export an entire playlist as a text file so that a member of my team can proof read it. I am having trouble figuring out how to do this. Is this even possible?

    • Paul Alan Clifford

      The songs in the playlist (all the lyrics), not just the titles, right?

    • Paul Alan Clifford

      Click on the first song in the playlist, hold down SHIFT and click on the last song. This should select them all. Now, go to “FILE>EXPORT AS PLAIN TEXT”. This should bring up a dialog box for you to save it. When you do, you should get all the selected songs in a single text file. I’ll record a screencast to show you how to do it exactly.

  • To whom this may concern: I am looking for a Film Producer. If your interested please get back with me. Thank you and God bless, Rodney

    • Paul Alan Clifford

      What do you have in mind?

  • Santos Ramos Jr.

    Hey God bless. My church wants to start live streaming. What recommendations can u give me when it comes to cameras, tripods, lighting and software. What the best amount of Internet do we need steam successfully. .Thanks all the knowledge you have would be
    much appreciated. Thanks have a good night and GOD bless. Email

  • Ben

    Hello Paul, I would like your advise. we have One screen system with an IMAC with propresenter 5 through ATEM connect to cameras and the videoprojector all by HDMI/BNC and the same image are broadcasting live with openbroadcast and youtube live with a PC. In the next 2 weeks, we will have 2 more screens and I am going to do multiple modules + 3 head2go… but how I am going to choose what I am going to stream and put the lyrics on it (without an other computer or another guy). I mean if I want to control the full 3 screens with propresenter, is the IMAG could work through livefeed into propresenter 5? no delay? How I am going to put lyrics on my broadcast but not on my IMAG ? Thanks for your answer. (or even drawings you can send me!)

    • The way the TH2Go works (as I understand it) is to present a screen with a really wide resolution to the iMac. Then, it splits that signal into thirds and sends it out three monitor ports. So, you could either take the wide video (which I’m not sure the ATEM would take without some down conversion) or one of the video outs (like the center) and use it.

      Wherever you get it from, you’d use a splitter called a “Distribution Amplifier” (or DA for short). So that you could send it to both the screen and the ATEM.

      I haven’t found anyway to send video into ProPresenter without latency.

  • hernan

    Hello can you please reccomend me a capture card usb that works with propresenter 5 windows version.?
    reply to

  • Nathan

    Hey! Our church just purchased ProPresenter 5 and i have never used it before. I was told that when you purchase the software that it came with some backgrounds, and motion video backgrounds. I cant figure out how to access these and would love to use them. Do you know how i can use those, or anywhere where i can get some free ones for now?

  • Cristãos Brasileiros em Calgar

    Hi Paul,
    I’ve been learning a lot from you! Thank you so much, God bless you!

    So, we’re a small Brazilian church in Calgary-AB/Canada, with about 200 members. Our service is in Portuguese but we also provide simultaneous english translation using the Listen LS-06-072 (7-Person pack).

    Our budget is really small and we cannot afford to buy another set of RF receivers. We are getting more and more english speaking visitors.

    I’m looking for a cheap solution and I’ve found a software called AirFoil which allows you to send audio from a PC or Mac to any smartphone or tablet all in sync.

    Here is what I’m thinking:
    – Step1: Buy the AirFoil for windows;
    – Step2: Connect one of the RF receivers to the PC line input;
    – Step3: Ask visitors to install the free IOS/Android app in order to hear the translation.

    I’d like to hear from you, what do you think?


    Cristãos Brasileiros em Calgary

    • That should work. Here are a few things to consider. First, no everyone will have the space or know-how to install the app, so encourage regulars to use it and keep some receivers for visitors. Also, consider having earbuds on hand to make sure they can listen in case they don’t have some with them. Is there a reason you’re tying up a receiver in your configuration and not taking a direct feed from the sound board or whatever feeds the transmitter? Finally, make sure you network can handle it (perhaps test it with several volunteers to make sure it work.

      Let me know how it works. Sounds like a great solution.

  • Whitney

    Hello Paul,
    We are a small church in Arkansas, we just purchased ProPresenter 5 and I am the one who is trying to figure it out. We had it going pretty great then had some technical difficulties and then starting having trouble with the program. I am currently having trouble with SongSelect. When I click on the icon, it comes up but there is nothing there, then I try to search a song and it says there is a communication error. Then I tried to logout and it would not let me, it just said error. Do you think you could help me? I would be very appreciative!

    • Thanks for the question. Let me ask you a couple to clarify your situation.

      Is it the Mac or PC version? Is the computer used for other things or just ProPresenter? Is it a new computer or one you’ve had for a while (or was used when you got it)?

      • Whitney

        It is new, a laptop, it is PC and is only used for ProPresenter, we have only had it a few months.

  • Eiber Hernandez

    Good afternoon , finished installing the ProPresenter 5 to my Mac and to the next verse in the Bible gives me is the above verse and not the next.
    that I can do to fix it ?
    Thanks ..

    • How are you getting to the next verse? Which button are you pressing?

  • Pam Gagne

    Hi Paul, I watched a propresenter 5 tutorial that said to import power point into my mac. I did this as they to do and was deleting some backgrounds because I had way too many and was trying delete some and organize the others. Propresenter kept locking up. I force closed it several times and when I tried to bring it back it locked up every time, with the little colorful ball going around. I am sort of new at this, but it is my job at my church and I really want to be good at it. I’ve been doing it for a few months, and had very few problems until I imported power point. Also, I’m not sure power point wasn’t already there and I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks, Pam in Arkansas

    • Hey Pam, got your message, but since I’ve got some links, I’ll reply here.

      First off, just covering the bases, do you have PowerPoint on that machine? If so, what version? If not, that might be part of the issue.

      I had trouble with Pro5 about a year or two ago. I found this link to help with troubleshooting: (might need to copy and paste that)

      In my case it turned out to be some software I’d installed that was referencing the camera and confusing Pro5, which was as well.

      Good luck and tell me how it turns out.

  • brianpick

    Hey Paul,
    I am serving at Calvary Baptist in Glasgow, Ky. We are looking to purchase a HD camera camcorder. This will be used primarily to feed live video to the screen of our baptisms through pro presenter. The camera will be need to be located approx. 80ft away. We will need to use a toggle controller. What type of equipment would you recommend? Thanks!

    • What type of computer are you connected to? I’m assuming a Mac, but what model. If not, what version of Windows and what make is it.

      What’s your budget (roughly) too? The be best way is to come out of ProPresenter and into a switcher. Going from the camera into the computer will cause latency, but tends to be cheaper.

      • brianpick

        What haven’t purchased the computer yet. But yes it will be an iMac. We would like to stay close to $5k for camera and toggle.

        • I’d buy a BlackMagic ATEM television studio and a prosumer camcorder like the Canon XA10. Don’t forget a good tripod and a zoom controller.

          • brianpick

            Great thanks! Do i need the alpha module for pro presenter?

          • Depends on what you want to do. If it’s only switching between propresenter and a video feed, you don’t. If you want transparency from propresenter, you need additional hardware, too.

  • Amal Raj

    Hi Paul,

    We are planning to get propresenter 6 and run it on Mac book pro. And we have got Matrox3head2go DP edition with us. There are three projectors Epson EB435W having HDMI input. The projectors are 100Meter apart from MAC Book pro. When I studied on how to extend the display to projector for such a long distance I came to know that we have to use either HDMI extender over CAT 6 cable or using HDMI to SDI and SD to HDMI converter. In both the cases I think I need to buy 6 set of such converters which is quite expensive. We would like to have your suggestion in this regard on how to go ahead with this, as in which would be future perfect. Or please let me know if there are any other alternatives to go in extending the display over 100 Meters. Thanks

    • Personally, I prefer the SDI option. It tends to be more reliable. Also consider VGA. It’s an older technology for this sort of thing, but you can send a signal that far with a cable alone (assuming you have a VGA port on both ends).

      I have heard issues with HDMI from the Matrox TH2Go units, so that’s something to look for. I haven’t used them personally, so I don’t know if that’s an “always” problem or a “sometimes” one.

      • Amal Raj

        Hi Paul,

        We are planning to with SDI option. Please clarify the following things

        I think the set up will be like, we need to keep Matrox TH2G near the Mac. From Mac we have to convert Mini display port to Display port and give it as input to Matrox. At output end of Matrox we have three Display ports, each of which has to be individually extended using three HDMI to SDI converter and at the end we have to again convert them to HDMI from SDI using three SDI to HDMI converter and give them to three projector.

        So, Instead of using six converters at output, can we use one set of similar converter at input of matrox?
        Would it work? By doing so we also get a problem in converting HDMI output from SDI Converter to Display port, as we have converter available to convert Display port to HDMI and not from HDMI to Display port..

        Please give us your suggestions.

        Thank you very much

        Great Regards

        • Display port is a little less common. This version uses DVI, which converts easily to SDI or HDMI: With that said, you should be able to put the th2go closer to the projectors, assuming that there’s not communication problem. I think I’d start with that plan, but reserve the other way of doing it, should you have a problem with that distance. My biggest concern is that the high resolution signal from the computer to the th2go might not like going the longer distances. With that said, there shouldn’t be a problem reusing the adapter if you have a problem, so it’s worth trying.

  • Jonathan D’Angelo

    Paul, will you do a review of the paladin open system, as a setup for a multi-camera church production?

  • James Newman

    Hey Paul, I’m a typical rookie trying to get setup to live stream our church services on our church website. I am wanting to just start small for now. We have been recording audio on a Zoom H4n Digital recorder. I have installed Flash Media Encoder on my Macbook. I’d like to use the audio in my live stream from the Zoom H4n and the video from a DSLR camera. I have a Canon sx30is camera, and am not sure if I need a capture card. I tried to plug a a usb plug from my Zoom H4n and a usb from my canon sx30is, but the Flash Media Encoder only recognized the H4n for the audio, but not my camera. Do I need a capture card? If so, which one would you recommend? Any other suggestions or corrections to what I’ve done would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    • You need a capture device of some sort. Look at the BlackMagic Design mini recorder which takes HDMI in and outputs it via the thunderbolt port on your MacBook. Keep in mind that your sx30is only records 720p and may not send that much out of the HDMI. I know my T3i doesn’t. Additionally, there’s no way to natively turn off the onscreen display.

  • Mike Brock

    Paul, is it possible to show a foreground video on the stage display and the audience display at the same time?

    • In ProPresenter 6, it’s just a checkbox. In Pro5, you’d need to mirror your stage display to your main output or use a distribution amplifier to split the signal and then change to that input on the monitor or projector.

  • Jasper Williams III

    tks for the discussion you had with brady @ pro church tools! for either or both of the cameras that you recommended, can you use a PTV base with them? i’m even considering suspending one or more from the ceiling or mounting the camera(s) on the wall. is this config possible? if so what switcher should i buy? if any portion of my question could lead to more buisness relationship w you or company please tell me. my immediate goal is to get the best streaming experience possible. ultimately i want to be tv ready.

    • Mounting on the wall or suspended from the ceiling is absolutely possible. I’ve used the Sony EVI series before ( which work fine as well as PTZs go. The problem with PTZs is the “z” part. You can’t just throw any old camera on a motorized base and control the lens.

      Don’t forget to get a controller like this one, too:

      As far as switchers go, a lot of churches are getting some good mileage out of the BlackMagic ATEM series. This, of course, depends on connectivity, but I’ve used both the entry level model ( and the top of the line ( one and they both work. The entry-level one (the television studio) doesn’t have an easy way to get audio into it unless you first put it into a camera, but other than that, it seems to do what you need.

      • Jasper Williams III

        you have been AMAZINGLY helpful…THANK YOU!!!!

  • Lloyd D

    Hey Paul, in this post you showed how you sent a message from another computer and even your iPhone, then you stated that one could send messages using an Android phone too, is this correct as I can’t seem to get it to work on my Samsung, but I can on my iPhone.
    The other issue we’re having is that when we send a message from another computer or iPhone, it only stays on the “Pro Presenter computer” for about 5 seconds before disappearing, so if the “Pro presenter operator” doesn’t click it in time or there’s a prayer on or something, then it’s gone after 5 seconds, can one lengthen the time it stays?

    • That’s a notification through OS X. It should be possible to change it by going to system preferences and then notifications (on the mac), scrolling down to ProPresenter 6 and changing it from “banners” (which disappear after a few seconds) to alerts (which have to be dismissed).

      The messages dialog is just a web page, so it should work on pretty much everything as long as you’re on the same network and there aren’t subnet issues. Double-check that.

  • Juan Moralez

    Our church wants to play sermon videos but there is latency issues with the audio not syncing using propresenter i recommended them to use a blackmagic intensity would this help fix that issue

    • That sounds more like an encoding issue. It might help, but proper encoding will do it without buying additional hardware or software.

      • Juan Moralez

        we are using pro presenter 7 according to there forum they say its an issue they have since they tried to fix the frame drop 🙁

        • ProPresenter 7? Pro6 is the latest version. Mac or pc? What type of video is it?

          I ask because we play videos without problems nearly every week (never have problems; play videos nearly every week). I’ve heard of problems, but they can usually be narrowed down.

  • Micha Harthoorn

    Is it possible to get (for example) lower thirds with a transparent background out of your computer so u can use it for video productions?

    • Live? ProPresenter 5 & 6 can do it with the Alpha channel module and the right hardware connected to a switcher that supports it.