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Last Week’s Links for 2012-05-21

  • From my blog: Last Week’s Links for 2012-05-14: From my blog: Last Week’s Links for 2012-05-07: Thanks for the m… #
  • Thanks for the mention! buzzbrockway #
  • I wish I had this when I regularly used multiple computers: Control Multiple Computers with 1 Keyboard & Mouse #
  • Since the Star Wars Holiday Special is on YouTube, I'm considering re-editing it so that it's watchable. It should be MUCH shorter. #
  • You know I love DIY. If you record audio into a DSLR, you need one of these: HeadBanger Headphone Amp Construction Kit #
  • Good to know if you spend any time at all on Google+: Google+ Post Text Formatting Guide #
  • Raw or Jpeg? — Which Format Is Best? When You Should Shoot Photos in JPEG and When You Should Use Camera RAW #
  • You know how I told you to borrow my books if you have Amazon prime? Last month the royalty was only a little less than if you bought it. #
  • Great for authors who use macs: Build a service to count characters, words and paragraphs – Mac OS X Hints #
  • Get "Podcasting Church" free today on Kindle: and prime members borrow "Tweeting Church" for free: #
  • Thanks for the mention! dljordaneku #
  • Thanks for the mention! TheSunriseMusic #
  • Thanks for the mention! mackmirage #
  • You've wondered; I'd end up in the Indian ocean if I dug through the earth: Antipodal location for any map point #
  • Good guide to basics: New to DSLRs? A Beginner’s Guide to Exposure and an Explanation of Lens Diffraction #
  • Interesting, but didn't apple already invent the iPod nano? — i'm Watch – Enjoy The Future #
  • Have Amazon Prime & a Kindle? You can help me or other authors by borrowing our books for free. #
  • Thanks for the mention! EarlC #
  • Thanks for the mention! MeccaVideoPro #
  • Thanks for the mention! ChurchTechToday #
  • Very cool: DIY Wireless Induction Charger #
  • I just assumed it was a bunch of machines, but no: How It’s Made: Photographic Filters [Video] #
  • This is the heart of a WordPress theme and it's not that hard to understand: The WordPress Loop Visual Model #
  • Helping to set up for a large conference. Fun for a change, but looking forward to when I'll be speaking at one, not setting it up. #
  • Thanks for the mention! revnaomi #
  • These are great! I'm using these on my next site: Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project #
  • Just had really bad news. Prayers appreciated. #
  • Thanks for the mention! nigel_richards #
  • Thanks for the mention! lletton #
  • I wish I could get an rss feed of just nonfiction: Download Kindle Best Sellers for Free – Zero Dollar Books #
  • Talking is better than any sort of writing in this case: 8 Things To Keep In Mind In Regards To Conflict At Work/Church #
  • I like the idea. I might need to do it myself: (kinda) Crowdsourcing Bullet Time Dancers #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @JesusBranch @skillshare @RELEVANT #
  • I take it as a compliment when people say my books are a quick read.: Write Less, Say More: The Power of Brevity #
  • Thanks for the mention! JesusBranch #
  • Worked for mine! So happy: How to Calibrate Your Home Button #
  • Someday, a lot of meetings across the country/the world will be replaced with telepresence: Low-Cost Video Chat Robot #
  • You could use this to turn almost anything on and off remotely: Hack a Garage Remote Into a Wireless Shutter Release #
  • Thanks for the mention! STP_Church #
  • Thanks for the mention! MFMMiltonKeynes #
  • More news from Paul at for 05/21/2012 – #
  • More news from Paul at for 05/21/2012 #
  • Great tips, but watch past the frame plot for them: Production Dialogue – Microphone Placement on Vimeo #

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