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Last Week’s Links for 2012-04-09

  • I'm starting to slip in the rankings. Only 13 hoursish left of "Podcasting Church" being free (until midnight pacific) #
  • 1773 people have downloaded "Podcasting Church" in the Kindle eBook store for free; I'd love to get to 2,000 #
  • Good tutorial: How to Own Your Own Website (Even If You Can’t Build One) Pt 1 – How-To Geek #
  • Thanks for the mention! deb_boggs #
  • Good points: AOL’s Walled Garden Approach to Church Programming #
  • Glad you got a copy. #
  • 126 more books and I'll have given away 2000 copies of "Podcasting Church." Download yours now from Amazon: Today only #
  • Thanks for the mention! crawford0710 #
  • .@crawford0710 Only 100 more now. Let me know if you have any questions. #
  • 78 more to 2000 copies of "Podcasting Church" given away. Come on. We can do it. Ends at 11:59 pacific. #
  • Another chromakey tutorial: Crazy Driving! #
  • I need to do this for my next book trailer: Plot Device #
  • Need just a little more to get free shipping on Amazon? Try this: Amazon Free Shipping Items – #
  • From my blog: The Initial Results for my “Podcasting Church” give away: Sunday and Monday (4/1/2012 and 4/2/2012… #
  • Thanks everyone for putting up with my shameless self-promotion Sunday and Monday. We now return to our regularly scheduled tweeting. #
  • Downside of writing tech books is that sometimes services you plug go away. Gotta cut Brizzly out of "Tweeting Church". #
  • What's next a bacon ATM? Mmmm. Bacon: 24-Hour Cupcake ATM | ChurchMag #
  • Getting very close to done with "Tweeting Church." Three more we chapters of edits and then it's just formatting and the cover. #
  • Why oh why if they love logistics so much does UPS make it so hard for me to pay them? #logisticsfail #
  • Want!!!! — Project Glass: One day… – YouTube #
  • A lot of work, but this is a presentation I won't soon forget: iPad Magic #
  • Have a tripod? Here are some alternate ways to use it for better shots: Tripod Tips – TRICKS AND TECHNIQUES! #
  • Just finished editing "Tweeting Church." Now it's just layout and the cover. My goal for the Kindle version is to submit it on Good Friday #
  • I think I'm going to start doing this: SEO with Captions – MOAR VIEWS!!! – YouTube #
  • Can you design in PSD, but can't code. Try this: A Collection of PSD to HTML Websites #
  • This is basically what I did before I got my light kit: Three Point Lighting – FREE STUDIO!!! #
  • I want one for a shot I want to do at church: DIY Doorway Dolly #
  • 6 tweets away from 9,000. Wait, make that 5. 😉 #
  • Thanks for the mention! brentmulberry #
  • Thanks for the mention! revnaomi #
  • What do you think about the cover of "Tweeting Church." Just finished it. #
  • This is a handy guide for sure: Web Design WordPress Function List #
  • Thanks for the mention! dljordaneku #
  • Thanks for the mention! Marriage_Matter #
  • Today is the day! I just uploaded "Tweeting Church" to Amazon. It should be available for Kindle in the next 12 hours or so! #
  • Good tips for my T3i (and other DSLRs): How to Remotely Control Your Digital Camera #
  • Thanks for the mention! EssentialGirl #
  • "Tweeting Church" went on sale just a few minutes ago here: #
  • This looks much easier than the way I did it Photoshop: Flixel Creates Cinemagraphs Without Any of the Hard Work #
  • Still need some Easter ideas? Try these: #
  • Wow, who knew CSS and Javascript could do this: CSS 3D Clouds #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @brianbarela @eternalritewing #
  • Thanks for the mention! EternalRiteWing #
  • We're trying to figure out where those of us running service will sit at the 6:30. #EasterFest #questcommunity #
  • Thanks for the mention! NateFX #
  • I don't know. Sounds original though: A Batman Easter: Church of the Rock #
  • Shout out to whoever bought the first copy of "Tweeting Church" on Kindle. Paperback is coming soon. #
  • Here you go, @Natefx. #
  • Thanks for the mention! johny_mo #
  • Thanks for the mention! money_ministry #
  • Thanks for the mention! money_ministry #
  • Good reminders on what normal audio filters do: How to Use Audio Effects and Filters in Post #
  • Finishing the first of three services today at Quest Frankfort. I've seen so many come to know Jesus in the past 24 hours. Wow. Just wow. #
  • Thanks for the mention! bigdogdaddy #
  • Did you know my latest book is now available on the Kindle: Tweeting Church: Good News in only 140 characters #
  • For some of us, today is the biggest day of the year. As a church tech guy, it's my NCAA championship game. People's lives change today! #
  • Thanks for the mention! brentmulberry #
  • My mac is clean. Yours? — Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 600,000 Infected #
  • I've got enough sites that I need to use this: WP Remote | Easily monitor and manage all of your WordPress sites #
  • Last week on for 04/09/2012 – #
  • I like it, especially for DSLR shooting: Make a Stereo Microphone for $15 to Boost Your Camera's Recording Quality #

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