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Last Week’s Links for 2012-03-12

  • Thanks for the mention! LoriMooreBooks #
  • Another useful thing. Automatically generate images placeholders: – Quick and simple image placeholders #
  • If you want to know more about podcasting, go buy my book on Amazon: or on Kindle: #
  • From my blog: Last Week’s Links for 2012-03-05: From my blog: Importing media from a camera using the AVCHD form… #
  • Thanks for the mention! FVmomentum #
  • Thanks for the mention! ChurchTechToday #
  • Want to build a web app? Here's a webapp/ebook to show you: WebApp Field Guide #
  • Thanks for the mention! LoriMooreBooks #
  • I wonder if I should put learning Javascript on hold to learn jQuery: Learn jQuery in 30 Days #
  • #ad I wonder if my friend Lonnie could win. Vote here for the @originalWD40 Tradesperson of the Year: #
  • From my blog: Epic Video from OK go: Their music is good, but their videos are better. This should be inspiratio… #
  • Here's a way to improve your browsing security: HTTPS Everywhere Keeps Your Personal Information Safe on 1,400+ Sites #
  • I just heard about this: Actually thinking about it since my current blades are too expensive. Not tech, but cool. #
  • Simple, Fast, and Effective! — Fix Your Photo's Exposure Problems in Seconds With This Simple Trick #
  • Thanks for the mention! julespreever #
  • I can think of things to do with this: Raspberry Pi Launches, Offers Low-Cost, Low-Power, Hackable PCs to All #
  • Thanks for the mention! FredCamposJr #
  • Be nice, but you do have the right to film in public: Know Your Rights #
  • Thanks for the mention! buzzbrockway #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jrobertconley @tonyblogger #
  • This would be perfect for a shot I've had in my head for years. — DIY Dolly – Filmmaking Tutorial 13 #
  • Using one of these on the redesign of 1692 free seamless background patterns #
  • From my blog: I like the product, but the text in this video is a cool idea: If you follow my twitter feed, you’… #
  • Good discussion of resolution: Everything You Know About Resolution Is Probably Wrong #
  • More than I ever wanted to know about wire connections from NASA: #
  • I think I've found the 232 to 422 adapters I need. So happy. #youknowyoureageekwhen #
  • If you need my help in different tech areas, here's my portfolio: Recent Work #
  • #ad Make someone feel special. Vote here for the @originalWD40 Tradesperson of the Year: #
  • I heard of a business that wanted this; here you go: 7 Crucial Things About Timeline For Facebook Pages #
  • Thanks for the mention! revnaomi #
  • This bears repeating. Keep trying until you get better: Ira Glass on Storytelling #
  • In case you need tools to do motion tracking: Production-Now Blog: How to Do Motion Tracking with Free Tools #
  • Something else I want to make: DIY Clock Turns Laser Diodes and a Salad Bowl Into a Futuristic Clock #
  • I don't get it. Why is it that I do everything that the plumbers in how-to videos do, exactly as they do it and my toilet still leaks? #
  • I'm using this on the redesign: Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator #
  • Why didn't we spring forward 1/2 hour and call it good forever? #
  • The author said you feel like you're talking to KITT with the 4s: Make a Hands-Free Phone System for Your Car #
  • As a tech guy who graduated HS in 1992, this is interesting: Butch Vig Breaks Down Smells Like Teen Spirit #
  • "Say it really loud and you can pet my mustache." Kids say the darnedest things #
  • Another quick Photoshop tutorial: How To Make Youthful, Glowing Portraits In Under a Minute #
  • Started editing a book based on tweets from the last year. Hoping to make it free. #
  • Thanks for the mention! Whitneyuulns #
  • Last week on for 03/12/2012 – #
  • Make a WordPress theme using html/css skills (no php): How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog #

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