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Last Week’s Links for 2012-03-05

  • From my blog: Importing media from a camera using the AVCHD format into FCPX: If you need to import media from a… #
  • From my blog: Last Week’s Links for 2012-02-27: Waiting for my flight to Baltimore. Teaching tonight at the Blue… #
  • From my blog: Mixing Analog & Digital Art: Mixing Analog & Digital Art. I love the look of this piece and it’s g… #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @texasflutegal @amajorpain #
  • Thanks for the mention! texasflutegal #
  • I just downloaded it and it looks promising for archiving purposes: MacXDVD Spring Promo-Free Giveaway #
  • I will be starting a meeting in one hour at #
  • I've scheduled a meeting. Check out the details #
  • Quick favor! Can you go over to and like their page? I'm trying to score a bonus for a video I made for them. #
  • RT @GlenGilmore: 7 Crucial Things About Timeline For Facebook Pages: rt @EileenOBrien #
  • RT @Clayton_king: Pastors bring ur whole team & join me, @pwilson & @derwinlgray @ #TheUprising on Apr 19 Early bird rate of $79 ends today #
  • Thanks for the mention! revnaomi #
  • I'm in the Apple store and found this if you need an iPad stand for musical performances. #
  • Thanks for the mention! amrineaiwi8 #
  • Started trying to get rejected because of this: It's harder than you'd think; so far I've failed to get rejected. #
  • Cool product. Looks like a DIY success story: Move Your #
  • Very useful!! Pick what you want and copy the code for it: HTML KickStart HTML Elements & Documentation #
  • I don't get how Google, Amazon, and others require I reach $50 or $100 to get paid. At least pay once a year to clear accounts! #GiveMeMy #
  • #ad I like DIY, but sometimes you need a pro. Vote here for the @originalWD40 Tradesperson of the Year: #
  • Finally! A good way to figure this out: Plug in a USB Cable The Right Way by Looking at The Seam #
  • Thanks for the mention! LubaFleeger6333 #
  • Knowing all about someone isn't the same as knowing them. Having a conversation isn't having a relationship. Same with God. #IknowHim #
  • Very cool and cheap sound deadening (don't think it's technically soundproofing): Soundproofing a home studio cheaply #
  • Maybe I should photoshop the tattoo I've always wanted to see if I like it: How To Make Convincing PhotoShop Tattoos #
  • Hey fellow church techies, what was the highlight of your services? I saw people come to know Jesus. You? #
  • I use a ton of these myself. "Site:" is very helpful: How to Search Google Like a Pro: 11 Tricks You Have to Know #
  • Thanks for the mention! ChurchTechToday #
  • Churches are no different: How You're Breaking the Law Every Day (and What You Can Do About It) #
  • Last week on for 03/05/2012 – #
  • Such a great idea: Dock Your Laptop at Your Desk On the Cheap with a File Sorter #

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