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Last Week’s Links for 2011-12-26

  • Ad: What's your dream? Always wanted to be a science of math teacher? Would $30,000 help make that happen?: #
  • Why is it that the less a client pays, the more trouble they are? #ishouldnthavethakenthe 50quickeditjob #notquick #toomanyrevisions #
  • Happy Birthday to @alissamilano and someone else…oh yeah, me. I'm 38 today. #
  • If you're a sound person, you need to know this: Rehab for Mic Stands #
  • I know someone who calls it a "softness sandwich" and I do it all the time: Better Service from a Few Compliments #
  • Very geeky, but good printer history lesson: What Is Postscript? What Does It Have to Do With My Printer? #
  • Great idea: Find Out How to Open That File Type with Wolfram Alpha #
  • Still sick, but it's amazing what a shower can do to raise your motivation not to go back to bed. #
  • I don't schedule it, but I try not to feel guilty for doing it: Schedule Weekly Dedicated to "Thinking Time" #
  • My wife @ps8vs2 just realized that the problem with watching shows on Netflix is that she can't catch up on emails during commercials. 😉 #
  • Hoping the $50 (why in the world did I believe that it would be a quick edit?) job is done. #
  • When I was a lifeguard, 1 of my fellow guards did this for the deep end: Use the Valsalva Maneuver to Prevent Ear Pain #
  • Unless it's obvious, this is about my limit: The Car Repairs You Can (Seriously) Do Yourself, Despite Your Abilities #
  • Doing Church is out! ▸ Top stories today via @freddiescott @k_m_allan @ppaulr #
  • This is good to know; I've wanted to do similar stuff: A Tiny TV Remote Receiver #
  • Ok, why does UPS offer the option to let me sign for packages on the chance they come the 1 hour no one is home, but then ignore it? #
  • This is the definition of grace–a gift you don't deserve: Grace for an Antheist #
  • Merry Christmas; I want to see the results: Photography With HTG: 10 Tips for Better Christmas Photos #
  • If I had the money, this would make my snow-loving 5 year-old's day: Home Snowmaker / Snowgun – internal mix #
  • I've got two of these I maded: Make a DIY Microphone Pop Filter #
  • It's not manly that I'm crying, but I just wonder what if every kindness spawned another: Paying it forward, & forward #
  • I wish I could do this for videos, but maybe I don't want to know: Find out How Long You’ve Been Working on a Document #
  • Is it bad that as a kid I thought the lady at the end of the Clapper commercial was Barbara Bush? — DIY Clapper for $6 #
  • Good tips, but the T9 keyboard is the issue I have: How to Turn Your Dumbphone Into a Smartphone Using Nothing But SMS #
  • I can't imagine the day before You were born 2000+ years ago. There was no hope like there is now. Happy b'day; You're so faithful & true. #
  • Yep, this is why I do it: Here’s Why You Should Always Choose “Custom” When Installing Software #
  • I've mentioned a lot of these, but if you missed them, here you go: Most Popular Repurposing Tricks of 2011 #
  • Doing this next Christmas [Evil Dad Laugh!!!]: Present Shake Prank Adds Sound Effects to Holiday Gift Box #
  • Why oh why didn't I see this before I took the $50 (real quick) video job that's already two revisions in: Discounts? #
  • It looks like my book's contents are still good: Twitter Users Getting Blocked in Droves with New Update Limits #
  • Gotta love free: 6 Great Church Tech Christmas Resources #

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